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Gift – that's good. But it will be even better if you hand him a surprise and to do this it needs to successfully hide. You can just wrap in gift paper, and you can make a beautiful box and put a gift in it. So you make his presentation more mysterious because people will not know what there is inside. Gift box with his own hands – a great option. To make it easy, but it you invest your soul and mood, decorate as you see fit.

Before starting, choose a color paper for decoration. Cardboard packaging gift – that's more boring option, but if you're going to make it from this material in the future will have to come up with her colorful design. Or at least paste over the bright paper. But about all under the order.

Gift box with their hands: step-by-step instructions

  1. So, take the cardboard or paper. If you start with cardboard, take one that is not very thick and can bend. But if the paper – it is not very thin, as the box it will be very fragile.
  2. Out of paper you need to cut a square of desired size. Fold it in the middle as shown in the image. In the end you should have formed two intersecting center lines at an angle of 90 box with your own hands
  3. The Next step – fold the corners toward the middle.cardboard packaging giftgift box
  4. Now you add the two opposite middle so they touch each other exactly in the box with your own hands
  5. The same thing done and with two other parties on top of the already BoxGift box with your own hands
  6. Straighten it all and back to square one.cardboard Packaging gift
  7. Two opposite sides are Box
  8. Then fold area between adjacent sides as shown in the figure.Gift box with your own handscardboard Packaging gift
  9. Bend the hand inwards to form the walls of the box.Gift box with your own hands
  10. Fix them with glue so the design is not Box

Our gift box with your own hands is almost ready. It remains only to make her the cover. Please note that it should be slightly larger bottom. Or less, if the cover will go inside of the box. It is better to cut two squares, one will be less than the other. Less make the bottom of the box, and more – the lid (or Vice versa).gift Box


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Main phase can be considered complete, but if you created the gift box looks like something boring and uninteresting, think of her interesting design. For example, on the lid you can create a flower arrangement, stick ribbons, beads, buttons, something to write. The original will be a decorated box, the more intrigue she's the one in whose hands will soon be. It wants as quickly as possible to just search in order to find out what it hides.

In this way can be done gift box with your own hands. It can be any size. If you are going to give jewelry, then you can be a box, inside which you want to put something soft and, preferably, decorated cloth. But for larger gift will have to do a larger box, also thinking about how to make it festive.

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