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Latest fashion trends in the decoration of our interior things, made by hand, forced him to think about traditional Russian crafts. what was created hundreds of years ago, the modern craftsmen began to appreciate, look for technology and to restore Russian crafts. These include Kislovodsk porcelain. Invented by people from the Caucasus another 250 years ago, the sculpting handmade, not mass-stamping, has always been and is famous for its uniqueness and exclusivity. Now products of this kind are expensive and not always possible to afford purchasing them.

cold porcelain with his handsIn fact, such interior decoration can be done by anyone from readily available materials. Try to create cold porcelain with his hands. The main ingredients are:

one Cup corn starch, but can be potato;

- one glass of PVA glue, you can add a “Moment”.

Additional materials: glycerin, vaseline or a fatty cream - 1 tablespoon, citric acid-half teaspoon dyes.

Tools you will need a minimum set:

- nail clippers;

sharp knife

the wire

- any knitting needles with rounded ends.

You may need pliers, fine tweezers, roller knife, silicone molds, depending on how thin the work and what form of products you want to obtain.cold porcelain flowers

Prepare an elastic mass, from which we will make cold porcelain with his hands. In a glass or nonstick cookware stir the basic ingredients, gradually add additional, this will pop the bubbles. This citric acid will react with the rest of the components. Put the container in a water bath. Bring to the consistency of thick cream, stirring all the time. Massa needs to move away from the vessel walls and be collected in one lump. On the laid the table lay our ‘clay’ knead until elastic state. Remember that when you make cold porcelain with their hands, they must be clean because the material strongly absorbs the dirt.Kislovodsk porcelain


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If you did not add dye directly before preparation of the masses, then there are two variants of staining. First – paint the product when it is completely finished and dry. Fix acrylic lacquer. The second option – in an elastic mass gradually introduce the dye, every bit as much as you need to obtain the desired color of the fragment for future compositions. This method is more practical, the colors do not fade and do not fade in the sun. It should be remembered that the mass in the wet state with the addition of the dye has a shade more faded than in the dry.

To Create cold porcelain with his hands – the process is fascinating, time consuming and laborious, so your ‘clay’ in the creative process to dry up. Use water to restore the elasticity of the material. To ensure it doesn't stick to hands, apply a simple hand cream.

Creating masterpieces with your hands, you not only decorate the interior of your home. They will be the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends and acquaintances, because the material only is called “cold porcelain”. The flowers are made, look like live, absorbed the warmth of your hands.

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