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Prostatitis and its treatment – one of the patients the men who are suffering from this disease. Treatment of prostatitis, according to experts, is a process consisting of many completely different procedures: physical therapy, medication, massage. Only a comprehensive effect on the problem can help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and, most importantly, the cause of the disease. It is given medicines in the form of tablets, injections and suppositories.drugs for the treatment of prostatitis

Drugs for the treatment of prostatitis are selected by the attending physician. A set of tools depends on what form of disease has the patient. Also, an important role plays the type of infection that caused the inflammation of the prostate. These two factors in the first place and pay attention to all the doctors. What else can affect the choice of drugs? We'll talk about that later. But first try to understand what problems arise in men with prostatitis and what they have to fight.

How to understand what is prostatitis?

Treatment of prostatitis cannot begin without the presence of complaints from the patient. What symptoms can indicate that a man got sick? Experts agree that the initial stage of the disease may not manifest itself. Weakness and fatigue, which appear early in the disease, men are often mistaken for normal fatigue, vitamin deficiency and stress. And only when the inflammation has spread throughout the prostate, they may notice suprapubic pain radiating to the rectum, difficulty with urination and constant urge to pee. With these complaints patients often go to polyclinics. At this stage of development of the disease treatment of prostatitis pills gives you good result. The risk of its transition into the chronic form is minimal.


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However, about 25 % of men have symptoms of prostatitis are not in a hurry to visit doctor and suffer. In this case, when handling complaints much more serious. Besides constant pulling pain, men complain about the reduced potency, lack of erection or too rapid ejaculation. In the urine of such patients visually observed fibers, flakes and the inclusion of blood. Treatment of prostatitis at this stage is a very complex process. treatment of prostatitisMedication to cope with the disease almost impossible. In addition, significantly increases the risk of complications, such as calculous prostatitis.

Causes of prostatitis

What may cause prostatitis in men? Treatment (medication) starts with this question. Because exact diagnosis helps to choose suitable for each medication. Young men are most often the victims of prostatitis developed as a result of the transferred of genital infections: herpes, candidiasis, clamidiosis, cytomegalovirus, and trichomoniasis, etc. Also inflammation of the prostate gland develops as a result of regular exposure to cold or congestion in the pelvis due to a sedentary lifestyle.

In men in adulthood, the prostate is most likely to occur as a result of inflammatory diseases of internal organs, stress, inflammatory processes on the skin, as well as after influenza or other viral infections.

Older patients begin to suffer from prostatitis because of the prolonged sexual abstinence. In addition, the cause of their illness can lead to reduced immunity and chronic inflammatory processes of internal organs.treatment of prostatitis pill

Based on these statistical data and materials laboratory and instrumental studies, the physician selects medications for the treatment of prostatitis.

Treatment Method

There are several important aspects in pharmacological treatment of pathology. They are all aimed at tissue repair in the prostate, elimination of inflammation, the fight against disease causing microorganisms. Equally important is the symptomatic treatment of prostatitis in men. Drugs in this case remove the pain and spasms.

Symptoms – not the most important thing in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland. Much more important is the role of antimicrobial and antiviral drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. Their choice is based on the results of laboratory tests. This takes into account not only the type of pathogen and the sensitivity of the patient to medicines.

What else do you need to eliminate the prostatitis in men? Treatment (medication) necessarily involves medications restoring the immune status. This allows the patient to independently resist infection. In addition, attention is paid to potency (if it has problems).

Restore function of the prostate gland contribute to such methods of treatment such as prostate massage, herbal medicine and special food.

Types and forms of medicines from prostatitis

So we understand, what treatment methods are currently considered to be the most effective. Since medicines for treatment of prostatitis are the main measure to combat disease, is more to consider what their shapes are used most often:

  1. Antibiotics and antiviral drugs – in the form of tablets, rectal suppositories and injections.
  2. Alpha-1-adrenergic blocking agents – in the form of tablets or capsules.
  3. Hormonal drugs for the treatment of prostatitis and BPH – in the form of tablets.
  4. Inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase – in tablets or capsules.
  5. Herbal remedies – in the form of tablets, capsules with powder filling or jelly beans.
  6. Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – in the form of tablets or injection solution.

The Attending physician after a full examination of the patient determines how it will be conducted the treatment of prostatitis: pills, injections and/or candles.treatment of prostatitis in men medications

What are the drugs most often used in the case of a diagnosis men prostate inflammation? The names of many of the drugs the majority of patients nothing to say, and sporadic commercials tell of the 2-3 tools that can help in the fight against prostatitis. Next, consider each group of drugs for this disease in more detail.

Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Drugs for the treatment of prostatitis from this group are designed to eliminate the pain and inflammation. In addition, in acute prostatitis, they can reduce the body temperature. Most suitable medicines are:

  1. Rectal suppositories and injections “Substance”.
  2. Tablets and solution for injection “Ketorolac”.

Both of these drugs have contraindications. Basically, their method is reflected in the digestive system of patients, so in most cases, the treatment regimen is a three-day courses with a one week interval between them. But the drug “Ketorolac,” recommended for single use with pain of high intensity.

Antibiotics and antiviral drugs prostatitis

Antibiotics and antivirals represent a brand new drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. The fact that penicillin and similar substances are not able sufficiently to penetrate the barrier of the prostate and to accumulate in the tissues of the gland. Therefore, the long-known antibiotics are not sufficiently effective. What medicines can be taken for inflammation of the prostate? Here's the list:

  1. Tablets and injections “Amoxiclav”, “Augmentin” and “Aniseed”. These drugs are a subgroup of protected amoxicillinhow and effective for acute and chronic prostatitis.
  2. Solutions for injection “competitive”, “Ceftazidime” or “Ceftriaxone”. At high efficiency, these antibiotics do not cause side effects.
  3. Tablets and injections “Azithromycin” and “Vilprafen” belonging to the macrolides. They can help to fight the microorganisms present inside the cells of the patient's body, i.e. the prostate.
  4. Tablets and capsules “Norfloxacin”, “Ofloxacin” or “Present”. In addition to antimicrobial action, they produce immunomodulatory effect.
  5. Tablets “Root”, “Always” and “List” are assigned to patients in whom the cause of inflammation of the prostate gland was virus infection.

prostatitis in men treatment medicationSo we have listed the main drugs, which treatment of prostatitis in men. Drugs must be chosen and administered only by a specialist!

Medicines to enhance immunity

Any inflammation, including prostatitis, occurs on the background of reduced immunity. It is therefore important to make the immunomodulators. The most effective for prostatitis are:

  • Tablets “Interferon” and “Taktivin” that protects against foreign microorganisms;
  • Stimulator of T-lymphocytes “BAM”;
  • Tablets, containing nukleinat sodium, which increase the cell activity of macrophages;
  • Drugs ‘Methyluracil” and “Immunal”stimulating cellular immunity.

All the above medicines are prescribed by the attending physician. They also calculated the necessary dosage and duration of...

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