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The Opening of the beach season many women raises questions as to how to make your figure look more slim, toned, how to get her in perfect view.

As you know, one of the main enemies of beauty – cellulite. And to combat this problem is sometimes quite complex. Speaking about this phenomenon, people imagine unattractive in appearance of orange peel, as it looked like her skin having such a problem. It's kind of fat, unevenly distributed. The accumulation of body fat leads to fat nodes, which lead to the formation on the body of the dimples and bumps.

The Appearance of this phenomenon can provoke the shortage of bile, fluid retention and toxins. Because to fight it is not only for reasons of beauty, but if you want to be healthy.

To Cope with this problem diet cellulite. First of all, this concept implies a revision of malnutrition, refusal of artificial or processed foods, stimulating drinks, from the food that overloads the liver and kidneys. It is very important to observe the correct drinking regime.

A Diet to lose weight, like any diet, in daily diet introduces certain limitations. For a start it is necessary to limit consumption of salt, sugar, dairy products and fat. It is strongly recommended to stop eating fast food, various semi-finished products, drink instant coffee and carbonated drinks. They are all very strongly irritate the intestine and therefore contribute to the formation of fatty deposits, delivering the weaker sex lot of problems.


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Diet against cellulite involves the revision of water consumption, the more liquid the better. All of these drinks should be replaced with clean water or green tea. It is advisable to drink when you want, but the daily norm should be not less than one and a half liters.

Diet cellulite eliminates the intake of fatty meat. But since fat is still necessary for the human organism, this product can be replaced with fish, which among others also has a beneficial effect on the body and prevents heart disease. Also useful the fat is vegetable oil, wheat, nuts. If you consume such products from cellulite, they perfectly fulfill their task and fill the body with essential nutrients.

When combat power should be balanced and as diverse as possible. The basis of a daily diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. You need to consume more potassium, which promotes removal from the body of water. This element is contained in bread, leafy vegetables, milk, bean products and oranges. By the way, the orange with its reminiscent of the bad skin should be eaten daily, preferably at bedtime, it will promote the excretion of toxins in the sleep period.

Diet cellulite eliminates different alcoholic beverages: beer, wine, champagne, greatly exacerbate the appearance of these deposits. But a small amount of red wine will have a beneficial effect on blood vessels, strengthening them and freeing them from free radicals.

You Should make to the diet as much as possible of minerals and vitamins, especially E and C. they are responsible for the saturation of the skin with necessary oxygen and blood flow to it. Also, these vitamins help the body produce collagen. Significantly delay the development of cellulite such product as the seaweed is responsible for strengthening the connective tissue fibers.

In compliance With any diet it is highly recommended not to eat after six PM. If you fulfill all the above recommendations with the cellulite you can say goodbye forever!

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