What is more harmful - cigarettes or vaping: the opinion of doctors, research


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The Last ten years continuing in the media the contradictions in the arguments on the harms and benefits of e-cigarettes. Every time, resulting in exposure of the opposite statements of some other authorities of health, and often altogether without arguments, popular articles were a lack of clarity, avoiding to give a direct answer to the question: what is more harmful, vaping or cigarettes? This problem is not as empty polemic interested in people that are aware of the dangers of Smoking and want to get rid of it. We will try to understand how vaping is harmful and can it become an alternative to conventional cigarettes.

what is more harmful than vaping or cigarettes

Research USA

Limiting the study of harmful substances in the vapor of electronic cigarettes and their influence on the human body, the question of what is more harmful, vaping or cigarettes scientific studies leave open. Especially because this is a new product released to the consumer market only in 2005. Long-term effects of its use are unknown, and their forecast of accountability nobody wants.

The Johns Hopkins University (USA) first studied not only the content of the vapors of electronic cigarettes, but their influence on the lungs of animals and the body in General (laboratory material — rats, mice). The direction of inquiry, however, did not seek to cover the topic: what is more harmful than vaping or cigarettes. But some comparisons are still shown.

what is more harmful than vaping or cigarette scientific studies

A University Professor Shyam Biswal, who led the study published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE, said: “Electronic cigarettes are not neutral in terms of the impact on the lungs. Scientists have found that the vapor contained free radical toxins similar to those that have been detected in cigarette smoke and air pollution, although approximately 1% of the level of ordinary cigarettes. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can damage DNA and cell membranes. It was a surprise for researchers, as couple of electronic cigarettes do not contain any combustion products or tar released by burning tobacco. Of course, this is 100 times lower than cigarette smoke but still remains a large number of free radicals that can potentially damage cells. In addition to nicotine liquids for vaping there is a well-known carcinogen formaldehyde. There is also another aromatic chemical diacetyl, is associated with lung disease”.


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Based On these data we can conclude that it is unlikely that vaping is more harmful than cigarettes. Why, then, the American media carried out active propaganda against electronic alternatives, the danger of which is a hundred times less than tobacco smoke? Unfortunately, this negative publicity is affecting the attitude of the vaping world.

Findings of scientists in the UK

In addition to the US, of a similar nature have been conducted in European and Asian countries and Australia. In the vapour of e-cigarettes, all laboratories detected certain toxic and carcinogenic substances. And even though their content is 99% lower than in cigarette smoke, none of the officials have not sought to say: what is more harmful, conventional cigarette or vaping.

what is more harmful cigarettes or vaping opinionAfter a number of scientific studies, funded by public health England (Public Health England), in July 2016 the Royal College of physicians published the report of the working group on relative harm of conventional and electronic cigarettes. All the data indicate that 95% of vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. Though not depriving the health of smokers exposure to certain risks.

The Verdict of independent researchers

From September 14, 2016, after studies in 26 points of his review was published by the international non-profit group Cochrane. This reputable, well-known for its objectivity, the organization considers independently the effectiveness of technologies and research results in the fields of health. She reports:

  • Electronic cigarettes with nicotine can help people to stop Smoking;
  • They do not have serious side effects in the short and medium term (up to 2 years);
  • In some cases, the transition to vaping leads to changes in blood and breath, similar to those observed in people who completely give up Smoking.


After the question was posed in a slightly different way: not in any degree safe, e-cigarettes, what's more harmful cigarettes or vaping, the opinion of doctors, with some hesitation leaned toward the latter. Primarily physicians of the United Kingdom.

Chief specialist of the National health service of England Professor Sally Davies expressed the opinion that electronic cigarettes should enter the market only as licensed drugs to help smokers to quit Smoking. This would ensure confidence in the quality and safety of the product. Especially with respect to the applicable flavors, the effect and which the least explored.

what is more harmful normal cigarette or vaping


The Correct name of the device — the vaping device. It's kind of inhaler operating on the principle of the evaporator. A heating element converts special liquid into vapor, which is inhaled. At the output of such evaporation resemble clouds of tobacco smoke, but without peculiar smell. Vaping does not leave in areas like Smoking, sticky brown patina on the objects and glass. No decay or combustion of components does not occur, the inhaled vapor has a low temperature. And the output if to put a hand under it, you can feel that he is cool. In a minute the room from him there is no trace and smell.

vaping harmful than cigarettes

To understand what is more harmful, vaping or cigarettes, you should understand the composition of the liquid for steam generation. Its components are very numerous. In addition to nicotine, each of them, including some of the fragrances used in cosmetics, medicine, food and other industries.

  1. Mixture of — glycerin. For wapow it is specially produced high purity, much higher quality of its pharmaceutical counterpart. Glycerin is not harmful, it is produced by the human body, as an important element of water and fat metabolism.
  2. Propylene glycol creates in the throat and bronchi, the feeling of a fortress, similar to what occurs when a cigarette puff. Promotes better mixing of the components, the disclosure of taste. Ingredient is entirely optional. In the food industry-known under the code E1520.
  3. Mixture, irrespective of their strongholds, contain varying proportion of nicotine. There is a disturbing caveat: if normal cigarettes during their decay portion of the nicotine burns and evaporates from the vaping liquid he vapor gets into the whole respiratory system. This should be considered when selecting mixtures or their manufacture.
  4. Now for wapow there are more than 50 different flavors, of which not less than 20 transmit smells the best tobacco varieties and combinations. This is a composite of electronic cigarettes, which is little studied and one that causes the most concern. Each fragrance is composed of many chemical elements. And composition from different manufacturers may differ, which complicates their study and control.
  5. Distilled water is added to the greater strength of the mixture. In the same way as propylene glycol is not a required component.

The Danger of tobacco smoke

Before we talk about how harmful vaping and more dangerous than cigarettes, it is necessary to remind something about tobacco. All the products of combustion, including of plant origin, contain carcinogenic and toxic substances. Tobacco leaf is not an exception and during decay emit 69 of such compounds. Also tobacco smoke, due to natural composition, characteristics of the cultivation, processing and improvement of consumer qualities, contains 196 toxic compounds.

 why is vaping harmful cigarettes

Some substances of a long list of the most dangerous components:

  1. Benzopyrene — carcinogenic, very toxic compound refers to the first class of hazard. Deadly even a tiny concentration of it.
  2. Carbon Monoxide or carbon monoxide-toxic, 2.3 hazard class a substance with a lethal inhaled for one hour, the concentration of the air is 0.1 %.
  3. Nitrogen Dioxide-a poisonous gas that excites diseases of the respiratory system, and increased the saturation it can result in pulmonary edema.
  4. Benzene — the strongest carcinogen with high biological and mutagenic activity. Leads to chronic diseases of various organs, blood, spinal cord.
  5. Formaldehyde — a toxic compound of the second class of danger. Its strong negative effect primarily affects the nervous activity, sensory organs, reproductive system...

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