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For women who want to get pregnant, it is very important to know the exact date of ovulation. In such days the probability of fertilization is highest. What is ovulation and how to calculate are described below in the article. We hope that the information in it will be useful to you.

What is ovulation

what is ovulation and how to calculate

The Word "ovulation" comes from the Latin ovum, which translates as “egg”. This concept refers to one of the periods of the menstrual cycle when a Mature follicle ruptures. Then Mature to fertilize the egg goes from the ovary into the abdominal cavity. She goes through the fallopian tube to the uterus, which takes approximately 24 hours.

It was during this period of time there is the greatest likelihood that the sperm will meet the egg and fertilize it. If this happens, then, once in the uterus, the egg attaches itself there, after which pregnancy occurs and begins to develop fruit. Regulation of ovulation produces the hypothalamus which controls the secretion of hormones.

The ovulation Cycle of the individual. It starts when reaching reproductive age, with the advent of menstruation. From this moment the body is ready for conceiving, carrying a pregnancy and the birth of a child. This usually occurs between 12-14 years of age and lasts until menopause at the age of 47-55.

The woman each month in the ovaries and endometrium cyclical changes occur. They are called the menstrual cycle. It lasts an average of 24-35 days. The countdown starts from the first day of menstruation and ends with the beginning of the next. Ovulation is closely connected with this cycle. Usually it happens in the middle. If you wish to get pregnant for women are very important the exact date of ovulation. Experts suggest several methods for its determination.


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Main features

There are several symptoms that the woman came ovulation day of cycle, when the ovary enters the egg. All the signs are divided into objective and subjective. First, more reliable is the study of ultrasound and laboratory test results. The second does not give an absolute guarantee definition. They rely on sensations of the woman and her observation of my own body.

The Main symptoms of coming ovulation are:

  • ovulation cycleThe Amount of cervical mucus increases significantly. It becomes less viscous and yellowish tint. Also can appear spotting scant selection.
  • Possible discomfort and aching pain in the abdomen, in region of ovary.
  • Chest swells slightly, becomes more sensitive.
  • Can swell the stomach.
  • Increases libido, increases sexual desire.
  • Increases the amount of luteinizing hormone.
  • A few degrees, increased basal body temperature.
  • Change the position of the cervix and its elasticity.

All the above symptoms can occur singly or together, weakly or strongly. If a woman is listening to her body, she will understand how to calculate ovulation for your own feelings.

Causes of absence

If for some reason the egg leaves the follicle, ovulation does not occur, and then the woman can not get pregnant. At the same period can go as usual or not at all. In the second embodiment, or the inability to get pregnant for one to two years should be checked by specialists.

Every healthy young women problems with ovulation occurring one or two times a year, and in older age decreases the reproductive performance and anovulatory cycles interspersed more and more often. In a normally functioning body is no ovulation during pregnancy, lactation, oral contraceptives. Its absence can be triggered by stress or overwork. Also this happens when hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, insufficient or excessive weight, gynecological diseases. In any of these cases, the necessary inspection and consultation.

Calculation on the loop

What is ovulation? And how to calculate? The answer to the first question mentioned above. And to independently calculate favorable for pregnancy days, keep a calendar of the menstrual cycle in at least about six months, because it's all very individual, and for accurate results, you must know your indicators for a couple of months. It should be noted the days of the beginning of each month. For recorded data is possible to know the length of the cycle, which ranges from 19 to 40 days. Ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation.

ovulation calculator calculate

With an average periodicity of 28 days favorable for conception are the days of the cycle from the 13th to the 15th. If its duration is more or less the date of oocyte maturation is shifted. How to calculate ovulation in this case? You need to add to the start date of the last menstruation number of days of menstrual cycle to learn when to start the next. From the result subtract two weeks. Final date – the time of ovulation. It added also the coming days.

Definition calculator

Today, many publications propose various tables by which you can maintain a period calendar and ovulation. It very easy to calculate the time of oocyte maturation, fertile and safe for unprotected intercourse the days.

To using ovulation calculator, calculate the required date, you must enter the following data: start date of the last menstruation and cycle length. Then count the result. Reliable date can be obtained only with a stable regular cycle, so absolute on such table is not necessary to rely. They can be an additional validation option, but not a means of contraception.

Measurement of basal temperature

Most women wishing to conceive or, conversely, to determine the safe days to carefully study what that means and how to calculate by measuring the basal temperature of the body. This method is one of the most reliable. However, it requires care and a daily procedure for three menstrual cycles.

how to calculate ovulation

Measurements in the morning. To fulfill them it is lying in bed, immediately after waking up. Temperature is measured in the rectum by an ordinary thermometer. The woman needs to have a table in which every day is necessary to enter the data. You can do it in the form of a graph, to make it easier to trace the dynamics. The obtained values are compared with control:

  • In the first half of the cycle the basal temperature of 37 °C;
  • The day before the release of the egg degree slightly reduced;
  • During ovulation occurs, increase to 37–of 37.4 °C.

This method shows false information after sexual intercourse, during illness, when taking certain medications or alcohol.

Ovulation Test

If using the calendar, the thermometer or the ovulation calculator, calculate the exact date is not possible, you can try another way – a special test. You can buy it at the pharmacy. Working principle – reaction to increasing the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. It speaks to the maturation of the egg.

If you wish to determine favorable days for conception, you need to advance and twice a day (morning urine is not necessary) to start doing the ovulation tests. Reviews about him, one gets a reliable result, and some of the women frustrated in this way. Because of the hormonal surge could occur with anovulatory cycle and reagents anyway it will react and show a positive result-two strips. But in most cases the result is correct.ovulation test reviews

In addition to determining the concentration of hormones in the urine, there are other ovulation tests, reviews women which is very good. It operates on the basis of saliva, which also responds to changes in the female body increasing the quantity of salts in the composition.

Diagnostic ultrasound

The Most correct result on the presence of ovulation can be obtained with the help of modern method – monitoring of folliculogenesis with ultrasound machines. If the result is positive, it is possible to trace and control its flow, negative – to identify violations.

The Exact time of the study assigned by the doctor. Usually in a regular 28-day cycle, the first monitoring is carried out for 8-10 days after it began. Then the procedure is repeated every 1-2 days until you fixed the fact of ovulation. In the case of its absence to conduct further examination to properly diagnose the cause of failure.

Medicine methods

ovulation with an irregular cycle

In addition to the above methods of determining ovulation, there are several others that are only available when visiting the doctor. One of them – blood test for increased concentration of hormones. It is rarely used because of high cost and the need several times to donate blood.

Another medical method – “symptom fern”. The patient take the swab, which is applied to labo...

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