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Every married couple pinned great hopes on IVF, want to get the result from the first attempt. Such probability really exists. On average the 50% of the procedures of in vitro fertilization ends well. However, the figure depends on many factors, among which the health status of men and women, competent approach to the training and professionalism of doctors. It is worth considering the nature component: natural fertilization the probability of pregnancy is not 100%. Normal in a perfectly healthy woman may have menstrual cycles, when there are immature follicles that are unable to function fully, and to form high-quality oocytes capable of fertilization.

Let us Consider in more detail which factors determine a positive result of IVF the first time.

Age of the expectant mother

Physiologically, the female body is designed so that after the suppression of turn 35 years the number and quality of germ cells begins to decline. According to official statistics natural pregnancy occurs, depending on the age in the following cases:

  • 35 to 37 years – 30%;
  • 38 - 41 – 20%;
  • 42-45 years – 5%.

Thus, it is better not to delay IVF, the more modern technology allows to freeze the resulting egg to use after a certain time, even if the patient is older than 40 years. However, of late reproductive age is no reason to believe that the first IVF attempt will be ineffective, just the chances of such are lower than in younger women.

What is the infertility

There are female and male causes. Most likely there are couples where the health of the expectant mother is all right, but father has a small activity or a limited number of sperm. In this case, doctors recommend the use of IVF with ICSI, when sperm is injected with a special needle into the body of the egg. It is believed that the probability of fertilization in this method above all others and often triggered the first time.

Also large chances are the women who already have children naturally or from previous IVF, in this case, the diagnosis is “secondary infertility”. Good results on the first attempt, you can wait and when obstruction of the fallopian tubes or their absence.

The Most complex cases – the presence of endometriosis, leading to thinning of the walls, the loss of their qualitative characteristics, with the result that the embryo can not attach to the uterus. Because of the importance of the preliminary examination and treatment of expectant parents to minimize all possible causes of failure. Sometimes getting pregnant is not obtained due to the genetic characteristics, in this embodiment, to calculate the costs 3-5 “landing”.

Professionalism of the medical staff

In this issue from the training of doctors depends almost 50% of success. To the effectiveness of the procedure was high, they have individually with each pair:

  • To Conduct a comprehensive survey to identify problems not only with sexuality, but also related diseases;
  • Implement high-quality treatment of existing diseases;
  • To Offer the most optimal Protocol for in vitro fertilization;
  • Efficiently carry out the procedure of extraction of the oocyte from the Mature follicle, and in a few days – to transfer to the uterus.

The most Important stage in the preparation is the definition of hormonal background, namely indicators such as AMH, FSH and LH. Not only do they tell the doctors the correct Protocol scheme, but will also give an opportunity to assess the likelihood of pathologies. For example, in the diagnosis of patients of hyperprolactinemia, Hypo - or hyperthyroidism IVF may be ineffective or does not work even after multiple attempts.

In addition, the laboratory should be equipped with the most modern equipment, where it is possible to inseminate in advance to assess the quality of embryos and their ability to develop.

In General, you need to understand that every body is different, and how all work processes necessary for the beginning of pregnancy and normal development of the baby depends solely on him. Often failure can cause stress, poor nutrition, poor environmental conditions, female, after “placing” embryos may not fully comply with all recommendations that will cause failure at the first attempt.

To increase your chances, you must comply with all recommendations of the experts, a clear understanding of each stage of in vitro fertilization and, of course, the belief that everything will work out. And if not from the first, second or third!

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