Old age according to the who classification - is how much? What age is considered elderly?


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Everyone knows that the elderly – it is the young who are beginning to age. Then in the human body irreversible changes occur. However, graying hair, wrinkles and shortness of breath are not always talking about the onset of old age. But how to determine the age when a person can be attributed to the category of the elderly?

Different time-different opinions?

elderly age classification

It was once thought that old age – when a person has exceeded 20. We remember a lot of vivid historical examples where young people were married after reaching the age of 12-13 years. By the standards of the middle ages woman in 20 years was considered old. Today, however, not the middle ages. A lot has changed.

Later, this figure had been changed several times and the young were considered to be twenty people. This age marks the beginning of independent life, so flourishing, youth.

Modern views on age

In modern society again, everything somehow changed. And today, most young people did not hesitate to rank as the elderly those who barely crossed the thirties. The proof is the fact that employers are quite wary of applicants older than 35. And what can we say about those who have crossed 40?

classification of age according to the who

But, it would seem that by this age, a person acquires a certain confidence, life experience, including professional. At this age he has a solid stance, clear goals. This is the age when people are able to realistically assess their strengths and take responsibility for their own actions. And suddenly, the verdict is: “Older”. What age can be considered individual elderly, we will try to understand.


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Developmental milestones

Representatives of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences say that recently there have been significant changes in the determination of biological age of a person. To explore these and many other changes occurring with the person, there is world health organization-who. Thus, the classification of the age of the person who says the following:

  • Between 25 and 44 years – a young man;
  • In the range of 44 to 60 – is the average age;
  • From 60 to 75 – people are considered elderly;
  • With 75 to 90 – it is the representatives of old age.

All who were fortunate enough to cross this threshold are considered to be long-lived. Unfortunately, up to 90, and especially 100 to live a few. The reason for this are various diseases that afflict people, the environmental situation and living conditions.

So what is it? Older age according to the who classification is much younger?

What is shown in polls

According to opinion polls, held annually in different countries, the people themselves are not going to grow old. And ready to identify themselves to the elderly only when they reach the age of 60-65 years. Apparently here originate bills to increase the retirement age.

what is the age considered elderly

Older people, however, need to devote more time to their health. In addition, the reduced attention and speed of information perception is not always possible for people 60 years to adapt quickly to changing situations. Of particular relevance it assumes in the conditions of scientific-technical progress. People who have reached a certain age it is sometimes difficult to master innovative technologies. But few think about the fact that for many people this is the strongest psychological trauma. They suddenly begin to feel their worthlessness, uselessness. This exacerbates the already heightened situation of reassessment of the age.

My years-my wealth

Classification of age who is not an absolute criterion to assign the person to a specific age category. It is not only the number of years characterizes the human condition. It is appropriate to recall the famous saying that says that a man is as old as he feels. Perhaps this expression to a greater extent characterizes the age of the person than the age classification of the who. It is related to the emotional condition of the person and with the degree of deterioration of the organism.

Unfortunately, the disease plaguing and harassing people, do not ask age. They are affected equally and the elderly, and children. It depends on many factors, including the condition of the body, immunity and living conditions. And, of course, from the way the person relates to their health. When something is not fully cured of the disease, and lack of proper rest, poor nutrition-all this and more pretty much makes the body.

Old age – for many grunts, poor memory, a whole bunch of chronic diseases. However, all of these weaknesses can be characterized and relatively young man. Today, it is not a criterion in order to classify the person to a specific age category.

The Crisis of middle age. What it the threshold?

Everyone knows such a thing as a midlife crisis. And who can answer the question, at what age it occurs more frequently? Before to define this age, let's deal with the concept.

old age

Under the crisis here refers to a time when a person begins to rethink values, beliefs, evaluate your life and your actions. It's probably a phase in life and occurs when the experience of human life, experience, mistakes and frustration. Therefore, this life stage is often accompanied by emotional instability, even a deep and prolonged depression.

The Onset of such a crisis inevitable, it can last from several months to several years. And its duration depends not only from individual to individual and from his past life and from the profession, family environments and other factors. A emerge victorious from this conflict of life. And then the middle age gives way to aging. But it can also happen that the contractions go older and lost interest in life people who haven't reached 50.

That says world health organization

As we have considered above, older age according to the who classification falls within the range from 60 to 75 years. According to the results of sociological researches, the representatives of this age category are young at heart and not going to burn themselves in the elderly. By the way, according to the same research conducted ten years ago, to the old carried all under the age of 50 years or more. The current classification of age by the who shows that people middle age. And it is quite possible that this category will only younger.

Few people in her youth think about what is the age considered elderly. And, crossing one milestone after another, people understand that at any age "life begins”. Only after accumulating a huge experience, people begin to think about how to prolong youth. Sometimes it turns into a real fight with age.

classification of age of the person who

Signs of aging

The Elderly in the who is characterized by the fact that people have a reduction in vitality. What does it mean? Older people become sedentary, gain weight chronic diseases, they suffer from a reduced attentiveness, memory worsens.

However, older age according to the who classification, it is not just the age range. Researchers long ago came to the conclusion that the aging process takes place in two areas: physiological and psychological.


With regard to physiological aging, it is the most clear and visible to others. As with the human body there are certain irreversible changes which are noticeable to himself and others. In the body everything changes. The skin becomes dry and loose, it causes wrinkles. The bones become brittle and because of this, the probability of fracture increases. Hair are discolored, broken and often falls. Of course, for people who want to keep their youth, many of these problems are solvable. There are various cosmetic products and procedures which, if correct and regular use can disguise visible changes. But these changes sooner or later will become visible.old age ascending

Psychological aging

Psychological aging might not be as noticeable to others, but it is not always so. The elderly often varies greatly in nature. They become inattentive, irritable, tired quickly. And it happens often precisely because they see the manifestation of physiological aging. They not in forces to affect irreversible processes in the body and because of this, often experience deep emotional drama.

So what is the age considered elderly?

Due To the fact that every human body has its own characteristics, such changes occur in all different ways. And comes physiological...

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I'm almost 65, and I don't FEEL old (of course, my mother died at age 61, and my father lived until age 85).


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it very important information

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