Wellness bath treatments. The use of bath treatments for women and men, indications and contraindications


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Anyone who has ever visited the Russian bath and felt its healing couples will tell that after her visit disappeared in a bad mood, lost the aching joints, ceased to be felt and other sores, which until recently was literally the Bane of my life. Thus there is the constant desire to make this pleasure last as long as possible.

treatments for men

From time immemorial, the Russian people went to the bath not only for the adoption of water treatments. For him, it was a place of celebration of the ancient customs and rituals, and divination. And why do people go to the baths today? Let's try to understand this question.

Traditional healer

Bath have existed for centuries. And people prefer going to them not only to thoroughly wash. Adherents of this invention are many. And because treatments have medicinal properties, which are familiar to mankind since ancient times.

For Example, Hippocrates, often prescribed to their patients steam room. He believed that toxins and poisons accumulated in the body and poison him during his illness, will certainly leave the body through increased sweating. It is worth saying that this ancient Greek physician himself used the developed methods of treatment that allowed him to live for 110 years.

Wellness treatments offered to their patients and the doctors of the Ancient Rome. They rightly believed that the water together with steam (both dry and wet) works wonders.

In Russia knew about the fact that the bath treatment brings health benefits. Our ancestors believed that a well-heated steam is able to heal any patient, even the most seemingly hopeless. Since in Russia the bath Wellness treatments used in diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. In the steam curing gout and cold set the joints and to get rid of skin diseases. It was considered that there is no such disease, which could save bath.


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The Treatment of respiratory system

Often the only means for getting rid of certain diseases are hot air and steam. That is why bath Wellness treatments is recommended for the treatment of respiratory organs. During their carrying out hot steam gives up its heat to the person. In this warm light, disease-causing microbes lose the ability not only to proliferate in the body, but to enter it.


In the Russian bath is a so-called heat stroke, greatly enhancing therapeutic effect. This phenomenon occurs at the moment when liquid is poured on the hot stones in the steam room of the furnace. But if in water, add various medicinal infusions and decoctions, you can get a remarkable opportunity to inhale the healing vapours.

A visit to the baths will help after an attack of bronchial asthma. It is recommended to use brooms made from tree branches, densely covered with foliage. Because it contains healing components that evaporates, will clear the lungs of mucus, produce a potent anti-inflammatory effect and will contribute to the disinfection of the bronchi.

A Large use of bath treatments in getting rid of pneumonia. Will it help with bronchitis.

Cramps and muscle spasms

Treatments are a perfect remedy to cure many ailments. They help in diseases of muscle. In this case also it is necessary to resort to a hot couple and self-massage performed with a broom. Such procedures will contribute to the early relief from sprains and bruises due to activation of regenerative processes in the damaged tissues.

treatments for women

Those whose muscular system has recently been subjected to excessive physical stress, it is recommended to use the steam room to conduct several sessions of self-massage. It is advisable to use special creams that deeply warms the skin. Stretching the muscles, a visit to the steam room should be combined with a massage, performed by hands or brushes with various degrees of hardness.

Bath procedure is particularly essential for the treatment of sprains and bruises. Well hot steam warms up the muscles and give them the ability to recover faster.
Will Help bath and those who froze some of the body parts (leg or arm). Of course, to create a rush of blood to the extremities, you can use vodka or rubbing alcohol, but it will require more physical effort and time. Quickly and efficiently get rid of signs of frostbite will allow a visit to the steam room. It is recommended on the hot stones pouring solutions from mustard or eucalyptus, chamomile or Linden, nettle or pine needles.

Getting Rid of arthritis and rheumatism

The Consequences of technical progress led to the fact that modern man in everyday life takes less and less physical effort. For most people it has negative consequences in the form of muscle atrophy. Such changes, in turn, lead to various disorders of the joints, which lose their flexibility due to accumulation of different breakdown products (salts and acids).

These processes end with osteochondrosis, radiculitis and arthritis. To get rid of these diseases, bringing excruciating pain, to help bath. Even with a single steam room session the body partially returns to the same flexibility.

For a more rapid cure is recommended the use of badger fat. It is used directly in the steam room after a thorough warm-up of joints. Similarly, it is possible to apply bee honey or bear's grease.

Often in the treatment in the bath of sciatica and arthritis use hot compresses, which are used steamed birch buds. Enhance the effect of this procedure can be achieved with the wrap belt from dog hair.

Strengthening immune system

The Use of bath treatments is a wonderful way to preserve human health. In order to feel fresh and full of vitality, we all need a good immune system to strengthen which will allow the procedure of hardening.

falling asleep during bath procedures

Back in the old days, people paid attention to the fact that human health beneficial effects of contrasting temperature. This is confirmed by modern research. So, if the hot bath the man immediately dives into snow or a hole, the body responds by release of enormous energy. When this occurs, the strongest activation of vitality. Such useful treatments for men and women with a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, with the regular holding of such hardening will increase the immune power of the body, protecting it from colds and inflammatory diseases.

Weight loss

A Woman of any age wants to be slim and beautiful. But do not forget that a person's appearance largely affects his health. After all, many are dissatisfied with their brittle hair, bad skin, ugly complexion and excess weight. And this is the components of health.

To get Rid of many problems allow treatments. Women's steam room is recommended as an effective means to lose weight. Hot water increases blood circulation, ensuring deep cleansing of the body and increases metabolism.

treatments for weight loss

Treatments for weight loss repeat courses with a break of 2-3 days. They should continue until, until you reach the desired result. In between visits to the steam room daily is recommended to drink at least two liters of Apple juice, exclude from the diet of coffee or sweet tea. It is worth saying about what treatments for weight loss is so effective that allow for a single session in the steam room to get rid of 300 to 400 g weight.

There is another way to make your body beautiful. It involves taking a cool shower after a five-minute stay in the sauna room. Next you should turn out a hot towel and return to the bath for another two minutes. This should be repeated at least 4-5 times. Contrast effect cold and heat is the best way to destroy fat deposits under the skin that will removed from the body.

However, it should be borne in mind that recommended similar treatments for women healthy and strong. For people with heart disease this method of weight loss is not the best.

Skin Care

Bathing or showering is undoubtedly beneficial. However, in the tap water in our homes contains chlorine, which has an adverse effect on the skin. It is quite another matter – water in the bath. It is much softer and better. Besides the beauty of this water is in the atmosphere, smelling of oak and birch brooms, connected to the steam and hot air.

However, for the skin of one water is clearly insufficient. To perform this procedure with a piece of soap with the simple title “Bath». This means no special enchanting aromas, but it is more suited for steaming body because it contained additives of natural extracts of herbs.

Many women believe that a treatment for the skin is harmful. And to prevent exposure to hot steam they rubbed into the body fat creams. However, this is not worth it. Fat...

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