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Childhood diseases must always be treated after a doctor visit. Self-correction can lead to very unpleasant consequences. That is why, as soon as your baby is ill, contact a qualified physicians. One of the commonly prescribed drugs are antivirals, simultaneously correcting the immune system. And so it became the medication is “Not”.

pharmacy manual

Manual, price, reviews of the drug will be submitted for your consideration. You will learn about the use of medication in children. Will also be able to find out what it thinks about consumers.

Components of a medicine

What is the drug “Not” the composition? Instruction for children reports that all the substances are purely natural. It is an advantage of the medication. The main component of the preparation is the liquid extract proteflazid. He, in turn, consists of a mixture of two herbs: extract pike soddy and the ground short. Also the present composition of flavonoids and acid.

The drug “.” tells the fact that it has a liquid look. Available in 50 and 125 ml containers. In each box of the medicine you can detect the dispenser. Necessarily attached to the drug ‘.’ manual.


How much is the drug? This question is asked every person who has been assigned a medicine. The average cost of drugs is in the range from 350 to 400 rubles. However, there is one characteristic that is definitely worth mentioning.


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pharmacy instruction for kids price

The Medicine is “Not” is produced in Ukraine. That is why the doctors are not aware of this drug and almost never prescribed. The composition of the territory of neighboring countries worth around 100 USD. For that amount you can buy a 50 ml bottle of medicine.

What to replace?

Before you purchase an analogue of the drug “Not”, instructions for use should be read carefully. After all, there is listed the composition of the drug. Absolute substitute with the same composition and dosage not. However, the consumer may purchase the relative counterparts. They have a slightly different composition but the same effect on the body.

Among the indirect substitutes described medication it is possible to allocate ‘Isoprinosine”, “Kagocel”, “Citovir”, “cream”, “Noferin” and many other compositions. It is worth Recalling that any manipulation of the treatment should be made only with the permission of the doctor. Remember that not all analogues are drugs acceptable for use in younger children.


Reports medicine “.” instruction for children? The price of medication is presented to your attention above. If you wish, you can purchase some pharmacy chains medicine in the amount of 30 milliliters. It is suitable time to conduct one course in the child, and its cost is almost two times lower.

pharmacy manual reviews

Indications for use of the composition is an influenza virus infection. Also the drug used in combination therapy during fungal and bacterial lesions. About the drug “Not” the statement says that sometimes he is appointed as a preventive measure. This is especially true in children.

Ban the treatment

As with any other drug of the kind described has its limitations and contraindications. In some cases, it is unacceptable to prescribe the drug “Not”? Manual says the following:

  • The drug is not indicated for hypersensitive to the components included in the suspension;
  • Medication is not recommended for use in inflammations of the stomach and intestines, including during peptic ulcer disease;
  • The drug should be replaced in autoimmune diseases.

The Cure “Not”: a manual for children

The Price of medicine you already know. Pick and choose what volume of drug should buy. For kids will fit quite a small package. However, the need for a repeated course cheaper to buy a large amount of suspension.

pharmacy manual price

Doctors usually prescribed part in the individual dosage. Always take into account the weight, height, body type and age of the child. If the doctor did not give any specific recommendations, the medicine should be taken according to the annotation.

the drug “.” instructions on use reports the following:

  • For babies from birth to 12 months single dose of 0.5 ml twice a day.
  • 12 to 24 months, the drug is prescribed 1 ml 2 times a day.
  • Up To 4 years in the first three days of the disease need to give 1.5 ml twice, then go to the dose of 3 ml with the same multiplicity.
  • Up To 6 years, the personnel are appointed to 3 ml twice a day in the first three days of illness. After this medicine is taken in 4 ml.
  • At the age of 9 the drug is used for 4 ml twice. Further, the medication should be taken for 5 ml.
  • Kids under the age of 12 years, the personnel are appointed to 5 ml morning and evening. Then the dose is increased to 6 ml. the rate of application remains the same.

That said, the drug “Not” the manual? This medicine should be taken half an hour before a meal. However, in children the first year of life this condition does not apply. If necessary, you can dilute the slurry a small amount of boiled water.

Duration of use of the composition in children

Describes the medication can be used as self-medication in the complex therapy and prevention. This you already know. Treatment of the syrup is carried out for two weeks. However, if your doctor has set other timelines, you should listen to him.

pharmacy manual price reviews

Preventive measures specified medicine shall be held within one month. Then you need to take a break and repeat the course. In the period of acute diseases and epidemics allowed the use of the drug for 6 weeks.

With reduced immunity to restore the protective functions of the body, the medication can be administered for up to several years. However, in this case it is necessary to control the operation of the major organs and systems of the child.

Adverse reactions

In most cases, children tolerate the composition. Adverse reactions occur very rarely and do not require additional medication. It is sufficient only to adjust the existing treatment. It should be noted that most cases of adverse reactions occurred due to an overdose of the composition. It is therefore important to heed the doctor's recommendations and read the instructions for use.

painkiller usage instructions

Among the negative effects of the treatment observed abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea. Very rare allergic reaction to the medication. All these symptoms disappear after discontinuation of treatment or adjustment of the usage patterns of the medication.

Feedback on composition

We have reviewed all reports on the composition “.” instructions. The reviews about the drug are also important. After all, they note, the majority of consumers. Before giving a particular drug to a child every other mother looks in the reviews.

Parents report that the medicine has a sweet taste. This allows you to easily give his kids. However, the drug is ethyl alcohol. Many parents are wary of such components. Some children on the third or fifth day of use of the drug increases body temperature. However, this situation does not require the use of fever reducing medications. The next day the patient's condition is normalized. This reaction is due to start an intensive work of the immune system.

Consumers say that this medicine effectively. A few days after the start of treatment, the child feels much better. Often parents give the medication to children for prevention. This is especially true of those children who attend preschool institutions.

painkiller composition instruction for kids

The Doctors indicate that the drug made only from natural ingredients. That is why it is quite safe. Doctors often prescribe medicine for colds during the first year of life. Also, pediatricians say that it is impossible to exceed the specified dose of composition. It's your own decision can lead to rather unpleasant consequences, and only worsen the health of the child.


We conducted a detailed review of the drug as “Not”. Instruction for children, analogues, structure and feedbacks described in the article. Often the composition administered in combination with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal drugs....

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