Festers the eyes of a child: what to do if there is no possibility to visit an ophthalmologist


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If festering eyes of a child what to do? If this happens, many moms can easily make a diagnosis-conjunctivitis. This disease means inflammation of the lining of the eye (conjunctiva), hence its name.festers eyes of a child what to do

Conjunctivitis, usually caused by various viruses (influenza, herpes, adenoviruses, measles virus) and bacteria (streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, meningococci). The disease can also be caused by allergies (eg, dust, pollens).

Typical signs of conjunctivitis

To Determine the disease of a child can be completely alone, guided by these symptoms:

  • The child has photophobia;
  • In the morning, the eyelids have crusts of yellow color;
  • Kid's much fester eyes, and in the pulling century, clearly visible redness and swelling.

Young parents need to know that newborn babies have no tears, and if the monthly child festers eyes, flowing tears, the child is likely conjunctivitis, and the urgent need to take action.

Older Children may complain of painful feeling in the eye, itching, burning, or feeling as if the eye something. All these sensations may be reduced vision, and the child will speak, eyes dull.

much fester eyes

Very dangerous is the disease for children up to seven years. Every child of this age loves to play with other children, so can infect their peers.&If festers are the eyes of a child what to do in this case, parents? You need to apply as soon as possible for help from a qualified physician.


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Also if the child has a pronounced redness of the eyeball, it may be caused by an attack of glaucoma, or simply hit the cilia in the eye.

Festering eyes of a child: what to do if there's no doctor

Of Course, it is best to consult a doctor, but if for some reason you can't do that, definitely need to render qualified assistance. It is as follows:

  1. Every two hours the child needs to wash the eyes with a cotton pad soaked in chamomile infusion of therapeutic or furatsilina. If these funds do not, great help a strong brew of black tea (but not tea bags). Flush eyes need to peel pus was easily removed from the eyelids. No need to peel, simply apply a wet cotton wool to the eyes, pressing lightly and remove the crusts. This must be done during the first two days and recall, every two hours.
  2. The Next five days to do the same, only three times a day.
  3. In Addition to washing, once in four hours instilled in the eye disinfectants. For these purposes, you can use 10% (for infants) or 20% (for children from 1 year) the solution of sulfacetamide.the month of the child festers eyes

It rots the eyes of a child: what to do if the above methods do not help, and inflammation of the eye never has it been? Means a disease caused by more serious factors, therefore, we need to take drastic measures. The eyes of the child in this case treated with such preparations: “Wetback”, “Fucithalmic”, “Colbiocin”, “Not”, “Tetracycline”.

Important to know

When it detects an inflammation of the conjunctiva in a child, you cannot apply a blindfold. This way you will only aggravate the situation, as it will create a favorable environment for bacterial growth under the dressing.

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