Lipoma of the breast


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Lipoma of the breast is a  benign tumor composed of adipose tissue. A true lipoma is composed of two layers. The first  is a Mature fat covering or fabric, the second – a capsule that surrounds it. Most often, this is the key education is common among women. To detect it is simple: it is enough to palpate the chest and grope moveable dense formation. It can be round or oval, elongated shape. In any case, lipoma of the breast is always limited from the surrounding tissues.
Reasons of occurrence of tumours of this nature are often the clogging of the sebaceous glands. However, it's just ordinary hypothesis. In fact, precise information about its causes is still there. Experts around the world are working on this issue. However, while all their efforts are in vain.

Lipoma of the breast diagnosed using ultrasound examination. In fact, this education is a small compacted area, the area around which is illuminated. Lipoma of the breast has a rather clear contours.  Sometimes professionals can be difficult to isolate the tumor as the tissue of the gland involutionary. For accurate diagnosis you will need x-rays of areas of inflammation.

In the so-called sonography, you can see that this is very much like a lipoma hypoechoic or highly compressible formation.
Benign tumor of this type is divided into two types. We are talking about diffuse and knotted lipoma. In the first case, it is surrounded by the growth of fatty breast tissue. Capsules such variant forms. As for the second type, it is a very common type of lipoma. As a result of such tumor, node, simply surrounded by a large number of capsules.


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Fibrolipoma breast – this formation, in which connective tissue gradually becomes denser. Depending on what tissue the lipoma prevails, and emit another type of tumour – lipogranulomas breast cancer.

In a situation where such education has many blood vessels, experts say angiolipoma. If there are many so-called osoznannoe tissue, it is primarily myxolipoma. Myleoma is the formation of glodzik tissue and muscle fibers.

Lipomas are usually classified according to their location, thickness and concentration  in the main the pathological hearth of the liquid. In addition, the tumour can be moving and not.

Treatment for benign tumors is complex. However, it should be noted that in this situation without the help of surgeons will simply not do. The fact that the so-called lipoma of the breast is never resolved on their own. It can increase significantly, resulting in one breast becomes a lot more than the other. Very rarely these lipomas develop into a tumor called cancer of the breast. In any case, to observe the development and behavior of this education must be carefully. If the breast starts to hurt, lipoma growing rapidly, and from the nipples when pressed out some kind of fluid, the urgent need to see a specialist. In such a situation necessarily requires urgent surgical intervention.

As for drug treatment, it of course is appointed by the doctor. However, this will not happen before a woman will hold a surgery. In addition, preferably when it is for a woman to visit any resort or to the sea, a good rest and lead your forces in order.

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