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Any disease causes negative emotions, especially if it cannot be cured. Diabetes mellitus refers to chronic diseases that cannot be completely cured, but with proper lifestyle can co-exist for many years. What do you need now know.

What is diabetes?

A Disease in which the pancreas is unable to control the production of insulin and blood sugar, is called diabetes mellitus. There are two types of this disease, different types (first and second). They are different, but the result is the same - increase of sugar. This disease is dangerous in that once it is impossible to identify what prevents to start support to the body, medication and food. It should be noted that the disease has become noticeably younger in recent decades. If earlier she might have seen in older people, but now it can be detected even in young children.

Diabetes mellitus (what foods can be consumed, we will consider below) takes the third place among complex and common diseases in the world. It strikes the weak spots of the body not immediately, but these processes are irreversible, so it is important to start and maintain all systems to prevent failures.

What people should be restricted in diabetes?

Once you know that your relatives (or, God forbid, you) was diagnosed with this disease, you should not give up and to believe that life ends. When properly organized diet, sleep, exercise, and your relatives (or you) will live a long and full life.


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diabetes food diabetes

To support body needs to keep sugar levels remained in the normal range for diabetics (before the meal: a 3.8-7.2 mm/l; after eating up to 10 mm/l). Such indicators can be provided, observing certain rules:

  1. Proper nutrition. For such people there is a special diet, for the first time better make a list of foods for diabetes that will not raise glucose levels.
  2. Time to go to bed and Wake up (for example, sleep from 22.00 to 7.00).
  3. Avoid various injuries of the skin, as in this disease, its regenerative properties are much worse.
  4. Try not to overload yourself physically. High loads raise blood sugar.

The Principles of nutrition in this disease

As the food is of great importance for the functioning of the human body, it is in the development of the regime for patients with diabetes given special attention. When type 1 diabetes patients are unable to do without medical injections and meals, do not allow the ingestion of sugars. A slightly different approach, requires diabetes type 2 diabetes. Products also must be designed to their glycemic index was low. It is also important to note that 1 type of the illness allows a person to take almost all products, with only small constraints, and the second in terms of the diet more difficult. But such a diet can be quickly used to and even begin to enjoy it.

a list of products in diabetes mellitus

Sick people need to strictly adhere to the principles of diverse and fractional power, required by the diabetes disease. Products with diabetes needs to contain a complex of vitamins and minerals, and also to get into the body in small portions. Diabetics need to eat 4-5 times a day, not needas.

Whether to allow cereals to the patient with diabetes?

To see which cereals you can't use food in this disease, do not need a table of products with diabetes, they are easy to remember. This disease precludes the use of semolina and rice. Such products will also significantly raise the sugar level in the blood, so better to abstain. All other cereals can be eaten in normal amounts. Particularly useful are buckwheat, oats and barley grains.

diabetes food products

The Bread and pastry for diabetics

There is an opinion that the bread and derivatives products are inadmissible in this disease, as diabetes. Products with diabetes really should not contain digestible carbohydrates are pastries, cakes, buns and breads from the flour. But the production of bakery products is not in place, firms today are willing to provide baking facilities from other types of flour. Useful and necessary product is protein-branny or rye bread, rolls trubnye. To reduce the consumption of bread should be, if this day you decide to eat any legumes or lentils.

What foods diabetes junk? Meat

diabetes mellitus type 2 productsMany people think that the use of different kinds of meat there is nothing wrong with this disease. But they forget that the meat can vary in fat content, and fatty foods too much harm to the patient body. Yes, and lean needs to come inside under control, so you can easily digested. Meat and fish products allowed diabetes the following:

  • Low-fat bird, Turkey, pigeon, young hen;
  • Meat with a low content of lipid, veal, Kristina;
  • Low-fat varieties of fish - hake, Pollock, pilengas.

The Consumption of beverages, juices and compotes

Diabetes mellitus (food, groceries, menu planning, fulfilment of dietary requirements and other related disease actions) the burden is for those who like to indulge in alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in this disease. Many do not understand why. The answer is simple: 1 gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, even moderate doses can trigger a rise of sugar in blood.

Can't drink fruit drinks and juices with sugar content of fruits or those that have a lot of glucose. Especially contraindicated grape juice, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry. A good alternative to juice is a compote of dried fruits, naturally, without adding sugar or honey. Preferred beverages are black, green tea or weak coffee, the drink from chicory. Sugar in hot drinks can be replaced with saccharin or other sweeteners.

Vegetables and fruits for patients with the disease

permitted products in diabetes mellitus

Not all fruits and vegetables can be consumed people with this disease, as diabetes. Products with diabetes should undergo a thorough control of the patient, so you need to know which fruits are categorically not valid. As for vegetables, with the exception of only a few, they are allowed in any quantities.

From the fruit in unlimited volumes allowed to eat green apples and kiwi. All red and yellow fruits, unfortunately, can't be eaten. In ripe red fruits formed a large number of glucose. Strictly forbidden the eating of figs, candied fruit, persimmons and peaches with a disease like diabetes. Food, products need to be organized so as to be able sometimes to give your body a break from the monotony. In a limited number should afford plum, green pear, dried fruits, beets, potatoes and carrots.

diabetes mellitus what is

Dairy products: whether it is possible to use?

We can't live without dairy products, as with them we get a lot of useful elements, the most important of which is calcium. Permitted foods diabetes contain and many dairy. But there are some nuances that must be considered when they are used.

  • Milk must be lean, otherwise its a bit of a dilute, one-piece is not suitable.
  • Sour Cream you need to use no higher than 15% fat. If it does not, you can dilute with kefir.
  • Kefir, yogurt, whey, Arjan, you should also check the fat content. It should not exceed 2.5%.
  • Fermented baked milk should be used not too often, like yogurt. The issue with yogurt need extreme caution, because of the purchase the product is composed of sugar and various fruit additives. Better if it is done at home.
  • Cheese useful to eat with the percentage of fat 0; 1; 5.

Useful eggs?

what products in diabetes mellitus

Everyone knows the benefits of eggs for the body. Scientists have proved that with use they can cause harm if not properly used. They have some cholesterol, which affects the already weak vessels of people with diabetes. Products with diabetes should be as light and digestible. For such people, eggs can be consumed no more than 2 pieces a week. Another thing is quail eggs is a useful product for all people, children including. They stimulate brain activity, help to remove toxins from the body, and also normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. But do not abuse them, because their caloric content has not been canceled.

As the disease is strong...

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