Contraceptive candles as a method of contraception


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Often at the hearing among contraceptives are condoms, intrauterine devices and hormonal pills. However, contraceptive candles that pay undeservedly little attention, are also an excellent means of contraception.

Candles for contraception are a type of chemical contraceptives. They operate as effectively as gels, lubricants and creams where the active substance is not a hormone but a chemical compound. Contraceptive candles contain mostly or nonoxynol. or benzalkonium chloride. The result of the impact of these substances in the same way: they disrupt the membrane of the sperm, so that they cannot fertilize the egg.

Unfortunately, the use of birth control candles is clouded by the following fact: eighty percent of the time pregnancy does not occur, but the remaining twenty percent  still forcing guard. There is one significant disadvantage-the dependence of the result from the correct application and storage conditions. To be sure that an unwanted pregnancy occurs, the woman should strictly follow the instructions and fulfill all requirements for use of candles.

Also pay attention to the fact, that the chemical property of the contraceptive candles are acids, and acids, as we know from school, you should definitely separate from alkalis. Therefore, the simultaneous use of soap and candles casts doubt on a positive outcome. Better to use plain water or soap with a neutral index.


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Some women disregard the fact that the candles are limited in time. On average, a half an hour, so if sexual intercourse is repeated, the contraceptive candles after the act is also necessary, you should not rely on the action of the first.

A Significant advantage of the data of contraceptives  that they can be applied to those who may not use other types of contraception. The indisputable advantage is additional protection from viruses and bacteria that are transmitted by sexual contact.

If you use the contraceptive candles for a long time period, it threatens the violation of the vaginal flora and the appearance of thrush as a complication of goiter. Candles may not be suitable in composition – can cause itching and irritation of the genital organs. They also can not be used in inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.

In order to effectively use the contraceptive candles, you should know that sexual intercourse will take place. Only in this case the woman will be completely sure that you don't get pregnant. But it is not always the case. So unexpected intercourse can no longer be controlled in this way – will have to go to a condom.

Birth control candles can be used for those who have problems with lubrication. Under the action of light penetration of the penis into the vagina is more comfortable, so no need for using candles to additionally use any lubricating gels and creams.

The Most popular among women who preventing in this way, contraceptive candles “Erotix”. The candle you need to enter the vagina not less than five minutes before intercourse so she can start to act. And the candle for four hours will have a devastating effect on sperm. “Erotix” – pretty harmless candles. Their existing active substance easily washed off with water, not absorbed mucosa of the vagina and is not in the blood.

If I had to describe the contraceptive candles in General, it is worth mentioning that using them can women expect with a rare sexual contacts that follow the rules of setting and storing the candle. Only in this case we can speak about the reliability of this type of contraception.

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