"Acyclovir Forte" 400 mg: instructions for use, reviews


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I'm Sure many are familiar with such unpleasant rash like herpes. According to experts, is a skin disease of viral origin. For him the characteristic rash of vesicles on the mucous membranes and the skin.acyclovir Forte 400 mg instruction manual

Many believe that this disease is caused by the decline of the immune status of the person. But this is just one of the reasons for the development of herpes.

To Deal with a viral disease should be sure. Otherwise it will spread, taking larger and larger areas of mucous membranes or skin. Moreover, herpes is a contagious disease.

The Majority of patients are afraid to drink of antiviral pills, which aid in eliminating the said disease. Their behavior is explained by the fact that such a remedy not only cures herpes, but also adversely affects other organs and systems. Experts say that when adhering to the recommended dosages of the drugs against the herpes completely safe.

The Most popular medication used to eliminate cold sore, is “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg). Usage instructions, consumer reviews, properties of the drug and its composition will be described below.

Composition, description, release form and packaging

In what form is the drug “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Consumer reviews report that this drug is sold in pill form. They are oblong and biconvex shape, white color, rounded the ends and risk on one side.

Active substance of this tool is the acyclovir. Also, the drug include auxiliary ingredients in the form of sodium lauryl sulfate, starch, lactose (milk sugar), of povidone, sugar (sucrose) and magnesium stearate.


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On sale this medication comes in cell packs and packs of thick paper.

Pharmacological characteristics

What are the tablets “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instruction, reviews have reported that this antiviral agent. It belongs to the synthetic analogues of acyclic purine nucleotide that possesses a highly selective effect (negative) on herpes viruses.acyclovir Forte 400 mg instruction

Under the influence of the virus thymidine kinase within cells infected with the virus, goes through a series of consecutive reactions of transformation of acyclovir in di-, mono - and triphosphate of acyclovir. Last, embedding the chain of viral DNA, promotes blocking its synthesis by competitive inhibition of DNA polymerase.

According to the instructions, this drug is very effective against herpes simplex virus (type I and II) and herpes zoster. Also, high concentrations of the drug required for inhibition of Epstein-Barr.

Kinetic properties

Where the absorption of medications “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instructions for use (pills for herpes and other viruses must assign only an experienced doctor) States that after intake of this drug is absorbed from the digestive system.

The bioavailability of the considered tools is 15-30%. The drug penetrates well into all tissues and organs of the patient, including skin and brain.

The Connection with plasma proteins is 9 to 33%, and the concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid – about 50%.

The tool penetrates through the placental barrier and accumulates in breast milk. The highest concentration of drug in the blood observed after 1.5-2 hours.

The metabolism of the drug occurs in the liver. In this form the pharmacologically inactive derivatives of 9-carboxymethoxymethylguanine.

The half-life Time of drugs in adults with normal renal function is 3 hours. In patients with severe renal insufficiency this period varies in the range of 20 hours, while hemodialysis – 6 hours. The concentration of active substance in plasma is reduced to 60% from the baseline.acyclovir Forte 400 mg

Approximately 84% of the drug in unaltered through the kidneys and 14% in the form of a metabolite. Less than 2% of the drug excreted from the body of a patient through the intestines.

Indications for use

In some cases, the patient is prescribed a medicine “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instruction to children and adults requires application of the drug in these situations:

  • For the prevention of exacerbations of recurrent infections caused herpes simplex types I and II in people with a normal immune system.
  • For the treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes, caused by herpes simplex types I and II (including primary and secondary, as well as genital herpes).
  • As part of combined treatment of people with severe immune deficiency: in patients who have undergone bone marrow transplantation and in HIV infections.
  • For treatment of recurrent and primary infections, which are caused by Varicella zoster (herpes zoster virus or varicella).
  • For the prevention of primary and recurrent infections caused herpes simplex type I and type II in patients with immunodeficiency.


When the patient should not be prescribed the drug “AcyclovirForte" (400 mg)? The manual indicates that this tool affects the person if he has high individual sensitivity to ganciclovir, acyclovir, or any of the additional ingredient.

Also this drug is contraindicated in nursing mothers. It is not indicated for children under 3 years of age, with lactase deficiency, galactose intolerance and glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Special attention

With the utmost care to consider the medication prescribed to the elderly and people receiving large doses on the background of dehydration, and neurological failure, impaired renal function and neurological reactions to receiving cytotoxic drugs (including history).acyclovir Forte 400 mg instructions for use herpes

Also note that the active ingredient of this medication penetrates through the placental barrier. Therefore appoint “Acyclovir Forte” during pregnancy, you must be careful.

The Drug “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg): usage instructions

Herpes, and other viral diseases this medication, take only inside. Pills consume during or immediately after a meal and drink plenty of fluids.

The dosage of this drug is set individually (depending on the severity of the disease).

In the treatment of infections of mucous membranes and skin caused by herpes simplex types I and II adult patients the medication is prescribed 200 mg five times daily for five days. Taking the drug is preferably 4-hour intervals during the day and 8-hour – at night.

Severe disease course may be extended by the doctor for up to 10 days. In a combination therapy in immunodeficiency of HIV infection and after bone marrow implantation the drug is recommended to take 400 mg, with the same multiplicity.

For relapse prevention people with a normal immune system and at relapse of disease pill is prescribed 200 mg four times a day every six hours. The course is 6-12 months.

How should my child take the drug “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Manual children (feedback about the cure presented below) is recommended for the prevention of diseases to give the drug at the same dosage that adults.acyclovir Forte 400 mg instruction manual of pill

In the treatment of the virus Varicella zoster adults appoint 800 mg five times a day every 4 hours during the day and with an 8-hour period of night. The duration of therapy is 7-10 days.

Children with varicella is recommended to take 20 mg of drug per kg of body weight four times a day for five days. The maximum single dose is 800 mg.

In the treatment of Herpes zoster adults appoint 800 mg of the drug four times daily every six hours for five days.

Side effects

“Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg) is tolerated by patients well enough. Although in some cases it may cause the following unwanted effects:

  • Hyperbilirubinemia, transient increase of (minor) activity of liver enzymes, leukopenia, a slight increase levels of creatinine and urea eritropenia;
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • Anaphylactic reaction, pruritus, rash, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, urticaria, Lyell's syndrome, exudative erythema multiforme, fever;
  • Headache, exhaustion, weakness, tremor, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, hallucinations, paresthesia, agitation, reduced concentration of attention;
  • Alopecia, peripheral swelling, lymphadenopathy, blurred vision, myalgia, malaise.


What are the symptoms that occur when taking elevated DOX drug “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? The manual States that to date there have been no cases of overdose with this medicine. Although experts believe that this phenomenon can lead to increased adverse reactions.acyclovir Forte 400 mg usage instructions reviews

Drug interactions

Is it Possible together with other medicines to used pills “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instructions for use reports that simultaneous use of this drug with probenecid increases the mean elimination half-life and decreases the clearance of the active substance of the drug in question.

When combined with nephrotoxic agents increases the risk of disorders of the kidneys.

The Strengthening effect of the drug observed in its combination with adjuvants.

Special advice on taking antiviral agents

What you need to know before using tablets “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instruction manual States that during treatment, this drug should improve the patient's intake of large amounts of fluid.

This medication does not prevent transmission of herpes through sexual contact. In this regard, during the period of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse, including in the absence of clinical symptoms.

Analogues drugs

How can I replace tablets “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg)? Instruction manual does not give an answer to this question. Belowto know him, you should contact an experienced specialist.

According to the doctors from herpetic lesions help such drugs as “Zovirax”, “Valacyclovir”, “Virolex”, “Acyclovir AKOS”, “Acyclovir Belupo” and other.


Now you know what the inherent properties of the drug “Acyclovir Forte" (400 mg). Instructions for use of this drug was also described in this article.acyclovir Forte 400 mg manual children reviews

Consumer reviews state that the tool quickly and effectively removes all manifestations of viral diseases. However, experts say that preventing the disease to take the pill at the first sign of the disease. In this case, the herpes virus may never appear.

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