What is karyotyping couples?


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Today it is very often the case that healthy at first glance, the spouses are having problems with conceiving a baby and his subsequent nurturing. Experts say that often the reason lies in the genetic code partners, specifically in the chromosome sets of the parents. Most doctors offer so-called karyotyping spouses. What is it? Answer to this question in this article.

General information

karyotyping spousesEspecially responsible parents prefer early tests for pregnancy planning to subsequently virtually eliminate possible anomalies in the development of the fetus. In addition, thanks to these studies, you can be sure a prosperous carrying a child. Among these analyses and included the aforementioned karyotyping spouses. Under a karyotype is a complete set of chromosomes with their inherent features. These data will later be responsible for the color of eyes and hair of the baby, its growth, and for all possible genetic deviations. The norm is that the male karyotype is 46, XY and female 46 XX.

Karyotyping spouses. Advantages of the method:

  • I'm Sure everyone understands that any deviations from the norm in the future can lead to various pathologies and disorders in the development of the little man. Karyotyping of the couple - it's kind of a special study, which allows not only to study the genetic characteristics of each spouse individually, but also make predictions about the health of the baby and even find out the exact cause of a possible miscarriage.tests for pregnancy planning
  • Experts warn that very often it happens so that the chromosomal abnormality is almost in no way occurs to expectant parents, but can still be passed on to offspring. Therefore, planning pregnancy, tests which should be taken in advance, can't do without this procedure.
  • Expectant parents, in turn, should realize that almost all of the disease at the gene level is incurable. In this kind of situation very likely already give birth to an unhealthy child. Many parents are faced with the choice in such a situation.
  • Issue transcripts the analysis deals exclusively with qualified geneticist. In any case, it is not recommended to do it yourself, armed with only their own knowledge and material from the Internet.

pregnancy testsWho recommended this analysis?

Today, many young couples believe that karyotyping should be for everyone. However, this statement is not true. The thing is that, first, the analysis itself is quite expensive, and, secondly, in the absence in the genus of diseases of a genetic nature to worry about little things is not worth it. If you do decide to insure, choose extremely experienced with genetics, which is able to properly decode analysis.

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