What is the male figure that attracts girls?


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You dream to conquer the hearts of girls, but it's hard not to notice you? It's time to think about your health and physique, after all, beautiful men's figure attracts the eyes of girls.

What should be the ideal?

So, to attract girls, you need to bring your figure to the set Male figureA the ideal. By the way, you will be much easier to achieve positive results than our ancestors in Antiquity. Then the man had to be a true mountain of muscle, literally square – with a wide neck, raised chest, buttocks and belly. Simply put, look like the bodybuilders of our time, to be huge and wide. Fortunately, the ideals have changed.

According to women, ideal male body type – this:

  • High growth (at least 180 cm);

  • A long and slender neck, so there was no fat or muscle mass;

  • Slim your waist

  • Big and bouncy buttocks.

  • Pumped breast;

  • Broad is back with a distinct biceps and triceps;

  • Big hands;

  • Broad shoulders.

In this case, the circumference of the neck, shanks and shoulders should be visually proportional. Are you ready to become a modern Apollo – the conqueror of hearts? If Yes, then it is time to take action and to ensure that you had the perfect male figure.Ideal male figure

What to do?

To think Less and do more – this should be your motto. Sitting on the couch watching TV, much success will not achieve. Thus, you can only purchase poor posture, bulging belly and ugly back. Therefore, the first step should be going to the gym. That's where the usual male figure turns into a perfect through hard work and physical strength.


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You Can do yourself. But you have to follow a few important rules:

  1. To go on a diet if you are overweight.

  2. Eat protein and carbohydrates, if the body type slim.

  3. To increase the Load gradually.

  4. Stop Smoking and drinking alcohol.

  5. Relaxation and sleep at least eight hours.

  6. To Include in the diet fresh vegetables.

  7. Influence at a time per group of muscles.

Regularity is the main requirement for success. There should be no excuses, we should not hide behind lack of time or fatigue. First will hurt muscles, but still need to continue lessons through the power, this will help to remove the tone and feel better.

Health and nutrition

A Beautiful male figure can be for everyone, regardless of age and Beautiful male figureFigure. Trainers in gyms choose equipment exercise individually. If you are thin, then you need to build muscle, if the full – to lose weight. Specialists can also advise on diet to follow, it is very important.

In conclusion, we can say that the ideal of people, as figures do not exist. Man is not born with the looks of a model, but it can be done on their own. And then your male figure will become a real magnet for girls. Only it should be understood that sports are important, especially for you, for your own health.

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