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Institute and clinic of osteopathy declaring one of the first institutions for a comprehensive approach to treating patients. The founder of the clinic was a practicing doctor and scientist Mokhov - osteopath with twenty years of experience working with patients. Practice, theory and thousands of cured patients are convinced of the necessity of this direction of alternative medicine for many patients.

The Concept of the clinic Mokhov

The Institute of osteopathy moss was founded in St. Petersburg in 2011. The first clinic is located on the street Tar, in the heart of the Northern capital. Over the next five years there were opened two centers in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow.

The Concept of institutions is based on an integrated approach to the treatment of patients, programs are designed for all age categories of citizens. The complex of measures to restore functions of the body, the Institute of osteopathy Mokhov, includes all problem areas of a particular person. For example, if the patient has any limitations in joint mobility or tissue, the specialists of the clinic can assign a remedial gymnastics, medical treatment and special massages. Range of treatments will depend on diagnosis and individual performance.

The Institute of osteopathy Mokhov provides clients with a comprehensive range of medical services, doctors are the specialists – osteopathy, Pediatrics, therapy, psychology, neurology etc. Many doctors have 15 years of experience, academic degrees, many students and satisfied customers.

Institute of osteopathy Mokhov

What is osteopathy

At the heart of osteopathy is the premise that all organs and body systems function as a single unit. A disturbance in any organ leads to a chain of changes in the functionality of the whole organism. Osteopathy, today, refers to alternative methods of treatment. Restoration of the anatomical position of the body parts of bone and muscle occurs by gentle manual force of a doctor of osteopathy.


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Method and the term appeared in the XIX century, the place of birth were the United States, there was founded the first clinic of the author Andrew Steele. The basis for the development was based on the concept: “the Structure controls function, function establishes structure”, that is, the body — an integrated whole and requires a comprehensive approach to treatment”. In Russia at the official level, the method was recognized in 2003.

Differences between osteopathy and manual therapy

At first glance osteopathy is a type of manual therapy, but the differences lie in the coverage of treatment of diseases. In manual therapy the main source of diseases are considered to be problems with the spinal column. Restoration of the natural position of the vertebrae solves many problems but not all. In osteopathy, the approach is extended to address and resolve the emerging problems in the work, the location of all the internal organs, bone apparatus, the connective tissue, metabolic processes, etc.

osteopathy what it is that heals

How is the reception

The Body – a unified system and needs to recovery in every available hearth or staying in their infancy diseases. So considering the problems specialist and is the subject of osteopathy. What is it that the doctor treats with an integrated approach to solving medical problems of the patient?

An Experienced osteopath, already at the first consultation to determine the patient's problem, just observing the posture and functionality of the limbs, planting the patient's head, listening to complaints, and reviewing test results (ultrasound, MRI, etc.) one gets an almost complete picture. Further there is a diagnostics manual, which reveals specialist the entire spectrum of a patient's problem.

What osteopathy treats

The osteopath appeal for the following reasons:

  • Chronic ENT diseases.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal and bone-muscular apparatus, and ligamentous tissue.
  • Neurological.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Chronic and pathological diseases of the internal organs.
  • Diseases of the reproductive system in women.
  • Dysfunction and diseases of the reproductive system in men.
  • Postoperative state.
  • Fresh and established the effects of trauma.
  • Back Pain, extremities, difficulties in motor functionality of the joints.
  • Pregnancy, preparation for childbirth and recovery in the postpartum period.
  • Various pathologies and diseases in children.

An Experienced professional not just eliminates the problem it "customizes" of every organ in the normal, natural functioning, which has a comprehensive positive effect on the whole body.

osteopath SPb

Types of osteopathy

The Institute of osteopathy declaring acts in officially recognized General medical science framework. There are some classic areas of treatment:

  • Children's osteopathy helps to get rid of pathologies in infancy. Successfully practiced for correcting birth defects, congenital abnormalities of the spine, disorders of the location of the cranial plates, and other diseases.
  • Visceral direction focuses on diseases of the abdominal cavity, thorax and pelvis. Amenable to treatment of preinfarction angina, hypertension, enuresis, gynecological and urological diseases.
  • Structural osteopathy solve the problem of restricted movement, for example, sciatica, curvature of the spine, defects in the development of the foot, heel spurs and many other diseases touch-muscular system.
  • Craniosacral osteopathy focuses on brain activity, which includes the Central and peripheral nervous system, consequences and prevention of stroke, circulatory problems, dizziness, memory loss and other problems of nervous activity.
  • Cranial osteopathy helps to establish emotional state of the patient, focusing on the recognition of stress stress and the elimination of their consequences. The technique is very subtle and requires a physician of great knowledge and high qualification.
  • Osteopathy Helps to restore body functions, relieve tension and harmonize to the natural state of reflex interaction of nerves and muscles.

Institution declaring for adults

The founder of the Institute of osteopathy and its longtime ideological inspiration is Mokhov Dmitry. For 20 years he is engaged in medical activities, has a doctorate in medical Sciences. During the activities as an osteopath, he was able to cure various diseases for more than 20 thousand patients, the effect of treatment was achieved in 95% of cases.

On the basis of knowledge, experience and development of scientific principles of treatment was founded a specialized clinic and the Institute provide assistance to everyone who asks. In the Department of osteopathic adult patients choose an individual treatment program that may consist of multiple procedures.

 Mokhov Dmitry

Typically, a healthy person needs one or two sessions to get rid of the ailments. For those who have problems zastarele or permanent nature, it can take up to five or six treatments. Reception holds specialist osteopath (SPb) once a week, re-admission after one cycle of treatment is six months.

Osteopathy for children

Osteopathy for children from one year and older gives parents an opportunity to eliminate in the Bud manifested diseases, which are neglected can become chronic or an incurable form. Clinic, professional physicians, osteopaths work on the result and helps to reduce the appearance or completely get rid of such diseases, as a violation of muscle tone, delayed behavioral development, hip dysplasia, poor sleep and so on for year-old children.

Osteopathic help kids and students helps to cure flat feet, impaired posture, difficulties in the development of training programs, aggressiveness, bedwetting, and more. To understand whether the osteopath (SPb) to provide assistance in the specific case, patients are given the first consultation is free, during which the expert will answer all your questions.

Mokhov osteopath


The Institute of osteopathy Mokhov (SPb) offers the following services:

  • Osteopathy prenatal conditions, pregnancy care, preparing for pregnancy.
  • The Appointment of a specialist neurologist.
  • Massage (General, local, special).
  • Massage for children (therapeutic, restorative, General, local, etc.).
  • DNA-diet, based on analysis of the patient's predisposition to the complex hereditary diseases. A personalized diet drawn up by expert will help you avoid the risk of disease, reduce body weight, improve quality of life, etc.
  • Somatic exercises – complex light exercise developed for the patient. Using the person receives a healthy body, get rid of psychosomatic clamps, improves posture, receives the influx of additional healthy...

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