How is genital herpes? Ways of infection, the symptoms and methods of treatment


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Genital herpes — the problem is quite common. Statistical research suggests that almost 20% of the world population are carriers of the virus of this disease. In most cases the infection is quite easily cured, especially with early diagnosis. On the other hand, does not exclude the development of inflammation of the urinary tract and other complications.

In the light of such facts about this viral disease will be useful for every person. How is genital herpes? Are there effective methods of protection from the virus? What symptoms should pay attention to? What treatment can offer modern medicine? How dangerous is this disease? The answers to these questions many readers.

General information on genital herpes

General information about genital herpes

For anybody not a secret that the family of herpesviruses is quite large and comprises over 200 different types. And before considering the question of how is the herpes virus, is to learn more about the pathogen of this disease.

The word ‘perpetrators" of developing the disease are two basic types, namely HSV-1 and HVS-2, which in common parlance is called herpes simplex virus. The virions of these two types are quite similar — the differences between them consist only in the different composition of glycoproteins a protein shell. Genital herpes symptoms can develop when infection of tissues of any of these types of herpes. However, statistical studies confirm that the lesion of the mucous membrane of the genitals usually appears in connection with the activity of herpes simplex of the second type.


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How is genital herpes?

how is genital herpes

Herpes virus infection is extremely common among modern population. So how is genital herpes? The main route of infection is unprotected sex with infected people. The probability of catching infection more herpes if your partner is in the acute stage. By the way, are potentially dangerous not only traditional vaginal contact — viral particles can also pass from person to person during oral and anal intercourse.

Many people are interested in the question of how, if passed genital herpes airborne. The answer to this question — not, as in the external environment virions are destroyed very quickly. Household transmission is possible, but the probability to get infected, using towels or other things with an infected person, far below.

If Passed genital herpes through blood? Of course, Yes. And possible infection of the fetus during pregnancy if the mother is a carrier of the virus particles. By the way, activation of herpes during this period is quite dangerous as it may harm the mother and child.

How is the disease? Brief description of the physiological changes

how is the herpes virus

We have already considered the question of how it is transmitted genital herpes. Regardless of exactly how pathogenic virions were in the human body, their development looks the same. Through the mucous membranes of the viral particles “migrated” to the tissues of the genitals, and then introduced into cells. Genetic material of the virus is included in the DNA of human cells, with the result that they begin to synthesize not only their own, but copies of viral genetic material. In this way the reproduction of the virus. When the number of infected cells increases, develop the standard symptoms of herpes.

Moreover, viral particles spread to the nerve fibers. And if, after completing the treatment, all infected cells are destroyed and replaced by new and healthy in the nerve ganglia viral particles remain. Therefore, to cure a person from herpes infection completely impossible — there is always a risk of relapse.

Are There any risk factors?

We found the answer to the question of how is the herpes virus. But, according to research and statistics, there are groups of people who have this infection is diagnosed more often than others. For example, it is proved that homosexuals and people of the Negroid race of antibody to HSV detected more often. This can also be attributed to women — women are much easier to catch such infection.

Of Course, the risk groups include people who are leading a promiscuous sexual life, because the virus is often sexually transmitted. Genital herpes is also quite often diagnosed with other sexually transmitted diseases, because the weakened immune system is not able to protect the body from penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.

It Should also be said that not all carriers of this pathogen have symptoms. Many people are unaware of the presence of infection. The fact that a healthy immune system clearly controls the number of viral particles, preventing the infection to multiply and spread.

As a rule, the symptoms of penile herpes is due to the weakening of immune protection, which in turn may be a consequence of vitamin deficiency, pregnancy, abrupt climate change, overheating and overcooling, no Smoking. Activation of the herpes virus is often observed in the presence of colds that briefly reduce the activity of the immune system. Do not forget that frequent stress, constant fatigue, emotional tension, nervous breakdown — all this affects the state of immunity and can activate the herpes virus infection.

General symptoms

how is genital herpes

Immediately it is worth noting that the long-term persistence of symptoms of genital herpes does not necessarily. Moreover, quite often the primary disease occurs without any symptoms. In such cases, doctors talk about the virus — a condition in which a person is the source of the infection, but he himself had some complications or disorders do not exist.

But there may be other clinical picture. After about 1-10 days after infection with itching and a burning sensation in the genital area. Sometimes there is swelling of the mucous membranes. This is the first signs of genital herpes.

After some time, the mucous membrane begins to appear characteristic rash that has the appearance of vesicles with watery contents. The skin around the rash becomes red, itchy and often becomes stronger.

As the progression of the disease is possible swollen lymph nodes in the groin area, which confirms the presence of an infectious inflammatory process. In addition, some patients have had other signs of intoxication, namely: the increase in body temperature, weakness, chills, fatigue, aching muscles. After a few days (usually 2-4) bubbles begin to crack, their content comes out, and the place of the lesions formed small ulcers.

This phase usually lasts 2-5 weeks. With proper and timely treatment, the main symptoms of herpes go away after 1-3 weeks. By the way, in some people, the disease passes by itself, without the use of any drugs.

Approximately 75% of patients have so-called recurrent genital herpes, which is an occasionally recurring worsening of the disease. Are such relapses is relatively easy — no weakness, no fever. On the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals formed the same rash, though in much smaller numbers. Rash disappear quicker and do not cause such severe discomfort.

Features of genital herpes in women

Of Course, characteristics of the disease are directly dependent on the sex of the patient. For example, in women, a rash appears not only the labia, but also on the mucous membrane of the vagina, around the anus, sometimes even on the skin of the buttocks. To the total clinical picture the woman added and dragging pain in the abdomen, which intensified in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes the pain is quite tangible, can be given in the rectum.

Complications of genital herpes can be dangerous. For example, patients are sometimes diagnosed so-called atypical form of the disease. The disease is not accompanied by a standard set of symptoms. There are no rashes, soreness and itching. However, there is a permanent chronic inflammation of the pelvic organs. This affects the reproductive system, and sometimes leads to complete infertility.

Features of the disease in men

complications of genital herpes

Herpes in men is also accompanied by the appearance of lesions, and they are mainly localized on the glans penis. Quite often patients complain of pain, which are distributed in the crotch region.

If untreated the infection can lead to inflammation of the organs of the urethra. A fairly common complication is urethritis (inflammation of urethra). The defeat of the prostate gland by the herpes virus can lead to the development of acute prostatitis.


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