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New parents are often faced with the problem of diaper rash. Nappy rash causes the baby a lot of discomfort. The child begins to sulk, to cry, to sleep badly. To restore peace to the kid and his parents, it is necessary to use diaper cream. Such a tool must be present in the newborn first aid kit.

Causes of diaper rash

The newborn babies skin are much more vulnerable than adults. As a result of friction frequently arise from irritation in the groin, buttocks, armpits. The basic cause of dermatitis experts call diapers. On the one hand, they serve to facilitate the care of the baby, and on the other – can cause irritations caused by the increased humidity and warmth.

diaper cream

The Impact of uric acid and feces also negatively affect baby's skin. Therefore, when changing the diaper baby is recommended to wash away and allow skin to dry completely. Reasons for nappy rash include taking certain medicines, food allergies, improper care, infectious skin lesion, the period of introduction of complementary foods. Experts recommend mandatory use diaper cream for newborns.

How to treat?

Seeing the baby on the skin redness, you must immediately start treatment, that the situation has not deteriorated. The modern pharmaceutical industry offers many different tools to eliminate the symptoms of diaper dermatitis. In addition, it is important to observe hygiene and to use wet wipes only in exceptional cases.


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Choose a cream

Ignore the first signs of diaper dermatitis is not. Timely start to apply diaper cream, after a few days you can completely relieve the toddler from the discomfort. Such funds are usually recommended to use when the first and second stages of the pathological state. The choice of creams and ointments, diaper rash is quite wide. All funds help to eliminate the redness, itching and soreness. The choice is to do with the help of a doctor.

The most effective products on diaper dermatitis include:

  • “SIM” (Weleda);
  • “Because” (Bubchen);
  • «Bepanten»;
  • «Desitin»;
  • «Sudocrem»;
  • «Senosan»;
  • «Mustela» (Mustela Stelactiv).

Pick up the diaper cream for babies must be very responsible. The tool must be suitable to a particular child and do not cause allergic reactions.

Diaper rash Cream “SIM”

Since the first days of life the baby needs proper and special care. To prevent this unpleasant phenomenon, as diaper rash, the mother must know how to properly handle folds into the body of a child and what resources it is better to use. One of the proven and effective products (in this category) is considered to be the cream “SIM” (Germany).

Weleda creamThe Manufacturer recommends to use with the birth of a baby. The composition contains extracts of calendula and chamomile, which have a positive effect on irritated skin and eliminate inflammation. In addition to these components, the tool contains a wax that helps prevent dermatitis by contact with feces and urine.

Specially designed composition does not clog pores. After applying the cream the skin continues to breathe freely. For the manufacture of remedies use only natural components, so it can be used for even the most sensitive skin. The cream also includes: clay, lanolin, almond oil, and sesame seeds, silica, essential oils of medicinal plants.


Cream “SIM” with extract of calendula is one of the few that has earned extremely positive reviews. Many mothers begin to use it immediately after the birth of a baby to prevent diaper rash. The tool is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin of newborns. To treat diaper rash you can also use a cream with calendula “SIM”.

You can Buy it on the official website of the manufacturer or at the pharmacy. The cost of a tube with a volume of 75 ml is 430-480 rubles.

Manufacturer Recommendations

The Cream has a delicate texture and absorbs well. It can be applied not only when changing the diaper. The tool is used for the treatment of wrinkles on the body of the baby. To evaluate the positive action the next day after the initial application. It can also be applied to the skin. In a preparation does not contain harmful substances, colorants, flavorings and other synthetic products.

Cream “Desitin”

Product Price – one of the criteria, which draws the attention of most people. If you want low cost but effective means that can cope with diaper rash, you should pay attention to “Desitin”. The cost of this cream – 190-240 rubles.

desitin price

Active substance is zinc oxide. It has a local anti-inflammatory action. In combination with lanolin and cod liver the drug forms a protective film on the baby's skin and prevents diaper rash. The cream is able to effectively protect delicate skin from prolonged exposure to moisture, especially at night, when the baby is in a wet diaper.

How to apply?

Cream on diaper according to the instructions, can only be applied on clean and dry baby's skin at each diaper change. This will help to avoid the appearance of rashes and redness. To treat existing nappy rash remedy apply at least 3 times a day. Symptoms of skin disease are usually in the first week of use.

To Cope with minor cuts and scrapes will also help this diaper cream. In adults, suffering from dermatitis, In the kit should be “Desitin”. The tool promotes rapid healing of wounds and has a drying effect.

Cream “Because”

This product is a fairly dense mass with a pleasant aroma. Despite the consistency, the cream “Because” is easy to apply to delicate baby skin and quickly absorbed. The German manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the tool brought only benefit, and included only natural ingredients. Key components include zinc oxide, panthenol and chamomile extract. Also in the, you can find vitamins, vegetable oil, beeswax, glycerin.

bubchen for newbornsProtective cream release in a convenient bottle with dispenser. This allows for more economical to use the tool. You can also find the cream in a small jar. The manufacturer recommends to use it as a preventive measure from the first days after the baby is born. Cream “Because” for baby has passed all the necessary clinical studies and is recognized as one of the most effective pharmaceutical products in its category.

Diaper rash Cream “Because” reviews:

Many moms are able to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the cream. Components in the tools allow you to quickly get rid of redness on the skin in the region of the snug fit of the diaper. Also, the cream promotes healing of minor injuries of the skin. Note that after applying the cream you must wait until it is completely absorbed and only then to wear the baby a clean diaper.

Means “Agent”

For the daily care of the skin of a baby created by another good diaper cream - “Agent”. The tool with the same name was also issued in the form of lotion and ointment. Indications for use is the prevention of diaper rash, eliminate redness and irritation, faster healing of scratches and sores.

Active component of this cream is dexpanthenol (provitamin B5), which is already in the skin cells turns into Pantothenic acid and promotes the healing process and tissue regeneration. “Agent” has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and regenerating effect.

Prescribed cream for daily use in the prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis. Its ingredients activate the healing process of minor wounds and small injuries to the skin. The cost of the cream – 350-380 rubles.

Can I apply for adults?

Means “Agent” can be called universal, because it is suitable for the treatment of infants, and to resolve skin problems in adult patients. For sunburn, cracked nipples during lactation you can also use this diaper cream.

diaper cream in adults

In adults with more severe skin diseases, such as trophic ulcers, bedsores, infectious processes, treatment should be using “Bepanten plus». In addition to dexpanthenol, the tool further comprises chlorhexidine. This component has antiseptic properties and has bactericidal effect.

Cream “Sanosan”


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