How to make samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes? The recipe proportions


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Electronic cigarettes are already an important part of our life. To meet someone who smokes it, is not new, people have stopped being surprised by such innovation. Now there are a large number of ready-made mixtures, which differ from one another not only nicotine, but also taste, smell. Lovers of the same each time to try all the new flavors you can cook samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes.

samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes

The Advantages of samasamaja

Among the advantages are:

  • Low cost of liquid in total (the cost of 30 ml of samasamaja about 30 p.);
  • With self-preparation you can be absolutely sure that part is only natural (it should be noted that the liquid for electronic cigarettes do not require mandatory certification, and thus guarantee its security);
  • You can choose the ratio of vapor and taste;
  • You can make absolutely any amount for future use (for example, if you planned a long trip);
  • The choice of flavor depends on your preference, you can easily connect the aroma of kiwi fruit, coffee and liquorice, as well as those which absolutely nesochetaemoe with each other.

Disadvantages of samasamaja

Despite all the advantages, samosas liquid for electronic cigarette has some disadvantages because of which many prefer to buy ready-made compositions. These disadvantages include the following:

  • To achieve the taste of the liquid favorite brand would be virtually impossible;
  • The manufacturing process is time-consuming;
  • Because the same taste can pall, the range should be a large variety of flavors to mix.

The mix

Before you make samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes, you need to prepare the major components for it, of which there are five:

  1. Propylene glycol. Colorless liquid viscous consistency with a sweet flavor. Absolutely safe component (even if swallowed), which is approved for use in many countries. In the liquid for electronic cigarettes performs the function of transporting the nicotine and flavorings. This is possible thanks to the increased absorbability. The more of this component in the Smoking of the liquid, the taste result, want to smoke less and less. However, the pair will also be less.
  2. Glycerin. This component is needed in order to immiscible ingredients samasamaja can be mixed and to generate steam. However, a large amount of it could dull the taste, and therefore, the consumption of flavors will increase. In addition, the density of such samasamaja will not allow the wick to soak completely, which can lead to overcooking.
  3. Nicotine. This component liquid for electronic cigarettes produced by the extraction of tobacco crumbs. It is worth noting that each brand uses its own tobacco, that's why the taste of cigarettes is so different. When this ingredient is not to rush and immediately buy large amounts. In addition, nicotine require special storage conditions, in particular the need to limit the access of light, heat and oxygen.

    how to make samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes


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  4. Water. It should not be usual from the tap, and distilled. This feature is required to give a less thick consistency after mixing other ingredients. If you get distilled water is problematic, allowed the use of boiled, but it is worth remembering that it can be undesirable impurities.
  5. Flavors. They can be natural (obtained by physical means and quite expensive), identical to natural (part of the components obtained by artificial means, but correspond to natural), synthetic (obtained by chemical synthesis, one of the ingredients does not exist in nature).

A Search of these ingredients is not difficult, because they are all in the public domain. That's why samesame liquid for electronic cigarettes (recipes will be given below) can be a great alternative to ready-made mixtures.

Basic tools

In Addition to the liquid ingredients for cooking samasamaja will need:

  • Bottles of different volume (the most convenient are of capacity 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml);

the proportion of samasamaja for electronic cigarettes

  • Pasteur pipettes (they are graded);
  • Medical syringe with a volume of 20 CC.

Allowed the use of available tools, but you need to be sure of their health, safety, and compliance with the conditions of storage.

How to make samosas liquid for electronic cigarette: recipes

There are three main ways of samasamaja, which differ from each other by the amount of vapor, taste and presence of nicotine.

right samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes

The Proportions of samasamaja liquid for electronic cigarette in the first case, guarantee a higher amount of vapor, but if desired, they can be slightly adjusted (for couples meets glycerin). Use only clean utensils. The proportions of the following:

  • 35 % glycerol;
  • 55% propylene glycol;
  • 10 % water.

For measurement accuracy it is recommended to use a syringe or graduated pipette. First, mix glycerin and propylene glycol, and then the resulting mixture was added flavorings to taste (it should be remembered that the natural flavor, you need much less than artificial), and water. As for nicotine, then you need to be careful. 10 ml Smoking liquid with a content of 6 mg/ml you need to add 0.6 ml of nicotine (concentration 100 %).

Water makes the mixture more fluid, with the result that the wick is completely soaked with liquid and does not burn.

These proportions are considered traditional, that is, the so-called right samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes.

how to make samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes

If you don't like a lot of steam and want to bring the taste to an ordinary cigarette, then you'll like the recipe Ice blade. This composition has a low amount of vapor, strong flavor and a strong throat hit. The proportions of the following:

  • 95% propylene glycol;
  • 5% distilled water.

How to achieve a large quantity of steam?

There are fans who use electronic cigarettes exclusively for the feel couple. However, in such mixtures the taste will be mild. To obtain such a composition must be mixed:

  • 80 % glycerine;
  • 20% water.

These proportions are considered to be common, but they are easy to adjust, selecting the perfect composition for yourself.

The nicotine Content

The Amount of nicotine can also be easily adjusted. You can safely cook samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes (recipes without nicotine is no different from the others), is absolutely devoid of nicotine, however, the taste is a little like a cigarette.

The Fortress of electronic cigarettes the following:

  • 0 mg/ml – the complete absence of nicotine;
  • 3 mg/ ml complies with the cigarettes marked with White or Platinum Blue;
  • 6 mg/ ml – Silver;
  • 12 mg/ml – Blue;
  • 18 mg/ ml – Red;
  • 24 mg/ ml – Captain Black.

In Addition, in some cases, a mixture is made which contains 36 mg of nicotine, but only as a basis for the preparation of weaker fluids.

samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes recipes

Basic rules

To make samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes (a lot of steam can be obtained by adding glycerin), it is recommended to follow the basic rules:

  1. It is recommended to harvest plenty of fluids if you are just beginning to try similar experiments, since you can not calculate with the amount of flavoring or nicotine. This is because each person has a different perception of taste, that's why the same proportion can be perceived in different ways.
  2. After mixing all ingredients, the mixture should be thoroughly shaken. In addition, the liquids need to steep at least overnight, although it can be longer.
  3. To ensure adherence to the proportions it is recommended to use precision measuring instruments.
  4. All mixing actions carried out only in gloves.
  5. If the liquid is harvested for future use, it is recommended to store it in a cool place, better the refrigerator. In addition, the packaging must be sealed and hidden from the sun.

If after the mixture has been cooked, you realized that it was too much flavoring or nicotine, we can still fix this. In the first case, the problem can be solved by dilution, in the second – added flavors - menthol or cherry.

samosas liquid for electronic cigarettes recipes without nicotine


In Addition to the classic recipes, you can take the help of special calculators that will take the form of...

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