Arthritis: what it is and how to treat it with folk remedies


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Arthritis – what it is, and what is this disease different from osteoarthritis? Despite the accord, these diseases are quite different. Because arthritis (what it is, we will consider in this paper) affects the joints, like arthritis, they are often confused. But what is the difference?arthritis what is it

Arthrosis and arthritis – what is it?

Deforming osteoarthritis occurs in waves. It is a chronic degenerative process, during which destroyed the cartilage in the joint. Large joints are primarily affected with this disease. Arthritis - a disease involving inflammation of the joints. Affects one or several joints, usually the smaller ones. Diagnosis of arthritis is based on the fact that inflammation has pronounced characteristic features. First and foremost is pain, swelling of the limbs, the increase of the local temperature. Disturbed function of the joint, the mobility decreases. arthritis disease

What causes arthritis?

What it is – a pathology of the joints? First showing mobility problems. Let's find out why it occurs. Inflammation of the joint – a non-specific reaction which can occur under a variety of (immunological and infectious) effects on articulation. Arthritis are primary and secondary. The first is accompanied by the following diseases: spondylosis, gout, still's disease, rheumatoid arthritis. The second ones appear as a consequence of psoriasis, lupus, granulomatosis. It is difficult to identify any pattern by which there is a loss of the body.


These tested recipes will help to make the therapy more effective.

  • Birch leaves. Mix dry crushed rosehips, knotweed (three tablespoons) and pour a liter of boiling water. Add as much dried birch leaves. The mixture should be boiled for twenty minutes, stirring and infuse for one hour. Then, add four tablespoons of sea salt, finely ground in a coffee grinder and stir until dissolved. Cooked in hot broth, lower the woolen cloth and lightly wrung out, apply to the aching joints.diagnosing arthritis
  • Nettle and honey. Collect fresh herbs in the ecologically clean area. Squeeze the juice – it would require one hundred grams. Add the same amount of rubbing alcohol and floral liquid honey. Insist in a cool place for fourteen days, and then take thirty grams daily thirty minutes before meals. The mobility of the joints of patients will increase, swelling will go down. Expect to see sediment in the urine – this is a consequence of the leaching of salts.
  • Healing ointment from honey and radish. Mix one hundred grams of vodka, a hundred and fifty grams of flower honey, a spoonful of salt. Add to the mix freshly squeezed juice of black radish (two hundred grams). RUB the ointment into the joints.
  • Therapeutic bath with a decoction of the root of the corn. In addition to the main ingredient you will need sea salt. Roots to crush in a coffee grinder. Ten tablespoons of the resulting powder, pour two liters of boiling water, simmer the mixture on a water bath for half an hour. Cool it to forty degrees, add salt (ten grams). Bathe for fifteen minutes daily before bedtime for a month. Water needs to be heated to forty degrees Celsius.

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