Is it possible to get rid of the syndrome of the vertebral artery?


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Vertebral artery Syndrome is a symptom complex that occurs due to compression of the vertebral artery and directly the sympathetic plexus, which surrounds her. At the moment this kind of problem in the population of the planet quite often. In this article we will discuss how the treatment of vertebral artery syndrome, outline the factors that influence its appearance, as well as point out the main symptoms. In General, note that today there are many methods of treatment of this disease.

vertebral artery syndrome

Vertebral artery Syndrome. Reasons

Among them are:

  • Unusual discharge most of the vertebral artery from the subclavian;
  • Diverse processes of an inflammatory nature;
  • Degenerative disorders directly in the cervical spine (for example, different herniation, degenerative disc disease, osteophytes, etc.);
  • Abnormalities in the structure of the joints.

Initial symptoms

Before moving on to the question, how is the treatment of the vertebral artery, we consider the main factors indicating the occurrence of the problem. So, patients first begin to complain of pretty strong and regular headaches, and pain worse when walking, or sudden change of body position. Additionally, blurred vision is another symptom that signals the presence of the vertebral artery syndrome. So, some regularly feel the veil before the eyes or discomfort in the eyeballs. In the presence of concomitant cardiovascular pathologies (hypertension, ischemia, etc.) patients often complain of the cardiac manifestations of the problem. This discomfort in the area behind the chest, and episodes of sudden increase in pressure.


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vertebral artery syndrome diagnosisVertebral artery Syndrome. Diagnosis

The appearance of all of the above symptoms, the patient is recommended without delay to seek help from a specialist. Doctors, in turn, should be required to check the state of health, appointing a number of necessary examinations, and only then to prescribe appropriate therapy. Note that the treatment of vertebral artery syndrome depends entirely on the root cause that caused it. If you suspect a violation of blood circulation of a brain of the patient, as a rule, extra hospitalitynet.

The Treatment of vertebral artery syndrome

vertebral artery syndrome causes

Most Often, specialists prescribe almost constant wearing as a preventive measure, a special orthopedic corset (otherwise referred to as the collar of the Trench). Thanks to him, significantly reduces the load on the cervical spine. In addition, an option considered and physiotherapy (electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy and some other methods). In some cases, the patient helps special therapeutic exercise. However, exercises should be chosen solely by a qualified technician (not their own). Be healthy!

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