Dry mixes Knauf. Species diversity and their application


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Dry mixes Knauf popular in Russia and CIS countries. This German firm is well-known all over the world. the product Range of this manufacturer very diverse:

dry building mixtures Knauf

  • Plaster (including decorative);
  • Plaster;
  • Floors: self-levelling;
  • Glue tile;
  • Compositions for applying, etc.

Dry mixes Knauf made from the modified powder with the addition of specialized components. They can pick up in compliance with the executed construction works.

Dry mixes Knauf are produced only from high quality raw materials, corresponding to GOST. All products meet the standards of sanitation, so it can be used during the construction or repair of any residential premises, without fear of harm to human health.dry building mixtures Knauf

Knauf dry mixes: scope

Plaster company, gypsum-based apply for high-quality plastering of surfaces with a solid base and Styrofoam. Most suitable for smooth surfaces of concrete. These dry mixtures "Knauf" is used for decoration with medium humidity, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens.

"Knauf – МП75" is used inside the building, the plastering is carried out by machine. Is applied on the solid base (brick, cement, concrete, etc.).

Plaster "Knauf-Goldband" is used for manual treatment of the walls with a durable and solid base (brick, cement, porous and dense concrete), and polystyrene surfaces. Recommended for use where high quality finishing is to be performed as soon as possible.


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Dry mixes Knauf cement based

For all types of work intended plaster "Knauf-Grandbend". This treatment of surfaces of facades, walls and ceilings in wet areas, the bases of the silicate and ceramic brick, foam, gas, expanded-clay concrete blocks for the subsequent coating them with a decorative cover.

Knauf dry mixes"Knauf-Unterputz" is used for external and internal plastering. Applied both manually and with the help of concrete pumps.

In those places where increased dynamic loads or observed impacts of groundwater used "Knauf-Ocelots".

Dry mixes "Sevener" apply:

- when performing work on the exterior insulation of the premises for fixing on the wall insulation boards made of mineral wool or polystyrene, followed by applying on them a protective layer with mesh steklotarniy;

- to repair a cracked (old) facades of buildings.

Also Produced plaster gypsum-based and polymer-based, which is not less popular when performing construction works. This pasta is "Multi-finish" and paste "Knauf Rotband", which are used prior to painting or wallpapering to plastering walls and ceilings, as well as for sealing of joints.

Produce putty and cement based screed for leveling concrete surfaces and cement plasters on the facades of all buildings and in those areas where increased humidity, to fill the holes in the repair.

Mortar mixture, adhesives and screeds found wide application in construction.

Dry mixes Knauf are of high quality, have excellent performance and reasonable price.

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