I wonder if there is a watermelon in diabetes?


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Diabetes mellitus – a disease in which very carefully need to follow the diet. After all, only one food a person can cause exacerbation of the disease and a significant deterioration in his condition. That is why today I want to talk about whether you can eat watermelon with diabetes.

can I eat watermelon in diabetes mellitus

A Bit about watermelons

With the arrival of summer in patients with diabetes there are many temptations in the form of berries, fruits and other natural treats. And I want to eat everything that hangs on bushes and trees. However, the disease dictates the conditions and before to eat something, the man thinks, "And will you bring me a use of this berry or a fruit?".

The fact that watermelon is useful in itself, to argue that no one will. So, this berry (watermelon – this is the berry!) has an excellent diuretic effect, helps to remove various toxins and harmful elements, positively affecting the liver and the entire cardiovascular system. It should also be noted is the fact that watermelon is widely used in diets for weight loss, helping the body to acquire the desired weight.

can I eat watermelon in diabetes mellitus

Important figures of watermelon

Sorting out what can I eat watermelon with diabetes, you need to consider the numbers. What you need to know about this berry?

  • Weight of watermelon with the rind 260 grams scientists equate to one bread unit.
  • 100 grams of watermelon is only 40 calories.
  • It is also important to remember that the glycemic index (a measure of the influence of certain foods on blood sugar levels) of this berry – 72. A lot of it.

About diabetes

Come on, figuring out, can I eat watermelon with diabetes. So, we all know what happens diabetes I and II types. Depending on this diverse rules of nutrition. In the first type of diabetes this berry may even need to eat. Because the sugar in it a bit, and the sweetness provides exactly the fructose. To learn all that there is in watermelon, the patient did not need insulin. That is, the blood sugar levels will not change significantly. But just in case, if you eat no more than 800 grams of watermelon. And this is the highest figure. Norm – approximately 350-500 grams. It is also important to exclude other carbohydrate-containing foods, so as not to harm your body.


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can we use watermelon in diabetes mellitus

About diabetes

Is it Possible to have watermelon in diabetes II type? Here the situation is somewhat different than described above. In this form of the disease need to be very careful with all the food that enters the body. In this case it is important to follow a strict diet, not consuming too much glucose. The patient, of course, you can eat about 150-200 grams of this fragrant and delicious berries. But it would also have to change the whole daily ration.

The Second point is also important: in type II diabetes, people often have excessive body weight. So, it is very important to monitor the indicators, constantly affecting the normalization of these numbers. If you eat watermelon (it's mostly liquid), it will end result to what the patient wants in the time to eat (stretch the intestines and stomach). And as a result – a growing sense of hunger. And in this case, it is very difficult to follow any diet. There are failures and body damage. So is it possible to eat watermelon in diabetes II type? You can, but in very small amounts. And best of all not to avoid consumption of this berry.

can diabetics eat watermelon

About other properties of watermelon

Watermelon is also other useful properties. For example, it helps to quench your thirst. So, can I eat watermelon with diabetes, if the patient thirsty? Of course, you can. And even necessary. After all, in this fruit in large quantities are cellulose, pectin and water. But we must remember that it is important to observe the dosage of its consumption depending on the type of disease and the General health of the patient.

Sorting out what can diabetics eat watermelon, you will need to answer is that this berry can be included as one of the ingredients in the different dishes. And it can be not only in fruit salads, where its flesh is eaten. There are many different dishes that use a ripe watermelon. It is available and permitted for diabetics. So for a change your own diet, you can look for interesting solutions use of the watermelon in many different, sometimes even unexpected variations of cooking.

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