Shrimp tempura. As in "McDonald's"! Exclusive recipe


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The New “McDonalds” – fried tempura shrimp – immediately became popular. Under the charm of this hot snack has got even the opponents of American fast food. Cooked in a fast food restaurant seafood remain tender on the inside, and at the same time pleasing to a Golden crisp. Therefore, many Housewives would like to fry shrimp in batter "as in “McDonalds”. In the article we reveal the secret of cooking.Shrimp tempura in McDonalds

We need not too many ingredients. The main component are, of course, prawn-king or tiger. If they have frozen – it is necessary to give them time to thaw gradually. If untreated the seafood – free from legs, heads, shell, remove the intestine. Permitted to leave only the tail. But how to make shrimp tempura - how to “McDonalds”, tasty and crunchy? In addition to a good deep fryer, of course, the success of food-tempura, that is, in the test, in which is dipped the shrimp before frying. The batter in  the“McDonalds” is focused on low calorie. And so this restaurant chain is accused of mass gaining weight younger generation. So, the dough will be without the usual for beer, milk, eggs, yogurt.

Pour into a bowl two tablespoons of flour. Add a pinch of ground ginger and baking soda on the tip of a knife. Gradually pour in the cold water and mix until homogeneous mass without lumps. You can add a little sesame seeds. The dough for the dish called "shrimp tempura in  the“McDonalds” should be the consistency of sour cream. Themselves cleaned seafood should be slightly marinate with lemon juice – so they become more tender. Heated vegetable oil in a deep fryer or deep frying pan before the appearance of haze. Take a shrimp by the tail, dip in tempura and being careful not to burn yourself, put in hot fat.Shrimp fried in batter recipe


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We must Act quickly, as fried seafood very quickly. As soon as a Golden crust, immediately pull out and put on paper towel to soak up excess fat. Serve shrimp in batter (as in “McDonalds”), with some sweet and sour sauce, garnished with lettuce or Chinese cabbage. You can make the dish differently. Raw shrimp strung on skewers, dipped in batter and fried on both sides until Browning. Prawns in a crispy batter

In Japanese cuisine there is also a dish called "Shrimp, fried in batter”. The recipe for this tempura offers whisk the egg yolk with incomplete glass of iced sparkling water. To this mixture gradually add flour (about 120 grams). Shrimp, mushrooms, green beans and a few slices of zucchini rolled in flour, dipped in batter and fry on a high heat until Golden brown. The dish is served hot with soy sauce and lemon juice.

Excellent tender prawns in a crispy batter you get if you mix for breading egg yolk, half Cup milk and flour with baking soda. A little salt and enter into the dough beaten egg white. Shrimp survive 10 minutes in soy sauce to get flavor, then dipped in thick batter and fry in very hot vegetable oil. You can add tempura coconut or breadcrumbs.

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