How to make jam from pears and apples?


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jam from pears and apples

Perhaps, these fragrant fruits are the most popular for canning sweet winter preparations. And, of course, each family has their favorite dishes and recipes from apples and pears. Certainly in the first place jam. It may be different in consistency and composition, depending on the proportions taken components. This article describes how to make jam from pears and apples in two ways. The main difference is in treatment of the fruit before cooking.

How to make jam from pears and apples. First prescription 

A Sweet dessert can be used as a separate dish served with tea, and bakery fillings confectionery. To make jam from apples and pears make a thick, need enough time, as the work consists of several stages. As dishes it is best to use a pan with a thick bottom.

recipes from apples and pears

Take all of the components (apples, pears, and sugar) in equal proportions. Fruit wash and cut into slices, freed from the core. Peel is not necessary. Then the mass will crush into pieces 1 × 1 cm. Pour the fruit, sugar and mix well. Leave the resulting thick mixture for soaking and blowing the juice for a few hours at night. Do not use for cooking unripe fruits, as they dry in its structure, it will not give the dish enough richness. It is also necessary that the apples and pears were about the same softness. Otherwise one component when cooking to cook faster than the other. Once the fruits were filled with juice, put them to cook on slow fire. After boiling, remove the foam and stir. When the weight is evenly warmed up by changing the color, turn off the heat. After the jam from pears and apples to cool completely, repeat the step two more times. Sometimes it happens that liquid in the mass is not enough, and the pieces are still damp. In this case, in the latter stages you can pour a little water. Hot jam put in jars and cap with lids. Wrap is not necessary.


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jam of apples

How to make jam from pears and apples. Recipe 

The Proportions of the ingredients may be the same. Optionally, if the fruit is sour, increase the amount of sugar. For example, 2 kg of pears and 2 kg of apples will be enough for about 3-3. 5 kg of sweet bulk powder. The main difference of this recipe from the previous one - in the method of processing of fresh components. Chopped large slices of the loop with the help of grinder. Weight from contact with the iron parts of the device can immediately buy brown. Don't be afraid, it is still in the process of making jam from pears and apples, it turns out this color. Vysypat to grind a lot of sugar, you can put a container of it on the fire to boil. Then you need to wait for the dish to cool. During the second boiling, bring to desired thickness, trying as often as possible to stir. As a result, the treat will be more like jam, as it has a homogeneous structure.

The Hot mixture put in glass containers and roll. This jam is very convenient to use as a filling for sweet buns rolls and various pies.

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