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Economic activity – a process in which a variety of equipment, material resources, technology and labour are combined so that there is a homogeneous set of products. Code type of business is usually required at the very beginning of opening a business when filled statement about the desire to register the IP. Correct classification is required for the paperwork, tax and other reporting that is provided to state bodies. It also affects taxation. For example, each year the approval is subject to a new that affect the tax code type of business. PT is required to calculate and display the tax Declaration.Code of business

The registration process for the selected codes will be recorded in the register or egrip. They are reflected also in the registered statements and informative letters. Moreover, the code type of business affects the contribution of social insurance. These tariffs are determined by the respective Fund and vary according to occupational risk.

So, how to choose a code type of business?

All the directions recorded in OKVD, where each of them has its own code. To correct itCode of the type of business of endv definitions should be familiar with the Handbook and, based on sectors of the economy, choose what you need. In the classifier, the activities are divided into sections and the sections (they have a numerical designation). In the registration statement fits a five-digit number that represents a code type of business. You should know that the legislation allows the entrepreneur to engage in multiple directions, but one of them should be presented as the main one.


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In that case, if the person cannot find the appropriate five-digit number, it usually means that attentively studied the classifier, or the desired kind do not. In the latter case is indicated 74870. This code, which is not reflected in OKVD activities.

Codes for types of entrepreneurial activitiesYou Also need to know that there is a limit, not allowing some people to engage in such business. Codes of types of business activities are divided into ordinary, requiring approvals and permits, subject to obligatory issuance of the license, closed to PIS. For the category “normal” is not required to obtain any additional documents, and may be performed from the moment of state registration. In such areas the greatest number, therefore, the majority of entrepreneurship initiatives fall into this group.

Additionally, the legislation provided for the possibility to change the list of specified types. Thus, it is possible to change the primary view. You can also add has not yet written the code for the type of business activity. This is only to go to the tax office with a structured statement of a certain form. This paper needs to be notarized. Despite the fact that legal acts do not limit the number of codes entered, it is not necessary to record their more than 30, as the statistical service in its letters indicates a greater number.

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