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What is the power output? What to measure, what used devices, and how these physical quantities are used in practice, we will look at later in the article.

the power of what is measured


Everything In the world of the physical body of nature move through the power. When it impacts with a tail or opposite direction of motion of the body work is being performed. Thus, the body is subjected to any force.

So, the bike takes off due to the strength of a person's legs, and train the force of traction of the locomotive. A similar effect happens at any movement. The work force is the value which is multiplied by the power module, the module moving the points of its application and the cosine of the angle between the vectors of these indicators. The formula in this case looks as follows:

A = F · s · cos (F, s)

If the angle between these vectors is not zero, then work is always carried out. However, it can have both positive and negative. The body is not a force at an angle equal to 90°.

For example, Consider a cart which pulls the muscular energy of the horse. In other words, does the work force of thrust in the direction of movement of the cart. But the force of gravity, downward and perpendicular to, does not do work (by the way, horsepower is what is measured in engine power).

Power is a scalar quantity and is measured in joules. It can be:

  • Resultant (under the influence of several forces);
  • Irregular (when the calculation is made with a integral).


the power current is what is measured

What is measured by this value? For a start, let us examine what it represents. It is clear that the movement of the body begins by the force, mechanical work. However, in practice, it is necessary to know exactly how it's done.


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The Work can be completed at different times. For example, the same action can make a small engine or large electric motor. The only question is how long it will be produced. The value responsible for such a task — is power. What is measured it becomes clear from the definition is the ratio of work in a given time to its value:


By logical actions come to the following formula:

N = F · v

That is the product of the force vectors on the speed of movement is the power. What measured it? According to the international SI system, the unit of measure for this value is 1 Watt.

Watts and other units measurement of power

Watts means power, where one second is one Joule. The last unit named in honor of Englishman John.Watt, who invented and built the first steam engine. But he used a different value for the - horsepower, which is used to this day. One horsepower is approximately equal 735,5 Watts.

Thus, in addition to Watts, capacity is measured in metric horsepower. And with a very small value is also used Erg, equal to ten to the minus seventh degree Watt. Perhaps a measurement in one unit of mass/power/meters / second, which is equal to 9.81 Watts.

the measured electrical power

Power in the engine

Named value is one of the most important in any motor that is. For example, an electric shaver has a few hundredths of a kilowatt, and a rocket spacecraft has millions.

For different loads require different power to maintain a certain speed. For example, the machine will be harder if it put more of the load. Then the force of friction on the road will increase. Therefore, to maintain the same speed as in the unloaded condition, will need a lot of power. Accordingly, the motor will eat up more fuel. This fact is known to all drivers.

But at high speed is important and the inertia of the machine, which is directly proportional to its mass. Experienced drivers who know about this fact, I find when riding the best combination of speed and fuel to gasoline took less.

Current Capacity

What is measured by the power current? In the same unit in the SI system. It can be measured by direct or indirect method.

what is measured by engine power

The First method is implemented using a wattmeter, consuming significant energy and strongly biasing the current source. With it is measured from a ten Watt or more. The indirect method is used when it is necessary to measure small values. Instruments for this are ammeter and voltmeter connected to the consumer. The formula in this case will look like this:

P = U · I.

When a known load resistance, measure the current flowing through it a current value and find the power:

P = I2 ∙ RN

According to the formula P = I2/RN Can also be charged current capacity.

What is measured by it in the network three-phase current is also not a secret. To do this, use a familiar device - a power meter. Moreover, to solve the problem of what is measured by the electric power, you can use one, two or even three devices. For example, for a four-wire installation, you will need three devices. And for when three-wire asymmetric load — twice.


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