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Quite difficult to explain to children in the English language is the theme of “body”. Often the teacher has first to define the concept, show clearly each of the studied part of the human body, and then help the child to remember the English equivalent of the word.

part of body

Before the start of classes the teacher must thoroughly study the structure of the human body, with special care to view the information about possible diseases, which subsequently will also have to explain to children to explore the theme of “Health”.

Getting started

To help the child to learn a foreign language, you need to help him with motivation. Determine what exactly the child wants to learn something new, to learn something until you use it. For some children, the target will be possible in the future journey, for others a great motivation will be to find new friends in different countries with different cultural customs, habits and languages. The task of the instructor - in-time "pull" for the corresponding "thread", resembling a child waiting for its prospects.

But in any case, the teacher is simply required to snap the goal of all education to a specific subject. For example, if a toddler's dream is a journey, it is possible to invent a legend about the increased injury, proving student with a need to know, what are the names of body parts in English to easily communicate with doctors. Or to simulate a situation when it is necessary to find the lost satellite with the help of the policeman, describing each other using words of the topic. All possible situations very much, and each of them can play out on the lessons in the process of studying the topic.


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body parts in English

The Preparatory phase

It Should be noted that starting to study the topic "body Part" of the students should be conversant in the signs of English transcription. This will facilitate the reading of new words. If the children are still small, you can lighten the system of transcription signs, changing them to Russian letters. But the modern methods of teaching foreign languages, insisting on a clear knowledge of notation transcription.

Study the body parts in English with clarity

Clarity – the only correct option explore the topic. The teacher has the right to use its various options. Here a demonstration on one of the children a variety of pictures with painted body parts, posters with the image of a man and the words suitable to each study part. It is better if the selected picture will depict favorite cartoon characters. Then the children are easier to contact, with great pleasure study the subject.

body parts

For an explanation of the new material, the teacher, calling the word in English, picks up the picture corresponding to the word, and then asks the children to repeat after him in chorus. To secure the listening of the desired word, you can ask individual children from the group to personally say it. Then enter the second word in the same way. The only difference is that at the stage of consolidation is necessary to recall and pronounce the previous term, so the children catch the difference in sound, pronunciation. The picture shown by the teacher, have to match the word that he utters. The third and all subsequent titles are explained on the same principle.

Game: body parts in English

We must remember that the gaming activities remains a priority in teaching English for children. What is interesting, colorful, even amusing will host the session, the more intense will be memorizing vocabulary lesson. For this reason, the game you need to use to learn parts of the body. Pictures will be invaluable.

  1. Using small images with the desired images, the disciple no words can show knowledge of vocabulary. This technique is suitable to test the task in the group of children. The teacher calls a word in English, but kids pick up the desired picture.
  2. A poster with the image of a person can also be needed in the game to study vocabulary. So, children can name the part of the body pointing at her. Or you can position written on separate pieces of words on the poster (in the respective pockets) so that they fit to the desired body parts.body parts pictures
  3. “Paint a toy". It manifests the creative nature of the child. Naming each body part in English, the child alternately paints the whole picture.
  4. You Can use the simple puzzle game with a picture of a living creature. Baby can fold the picture, voicing what part of the puzzle in his hands.
  5. Favorite children's game: Simon Says. This is a great option the mobile game to explore the theme. Kids start a sentence with the words: Touch your… continuing her names desired body parts.
  6. Game cards “pairs”. It will not only help to master the vocabulary, but also improve the care of the baby.

Videos for learning English language

Teachers there are a huge number of instructional videos that will help in a playful way to teach children. This video product ensures that parents can teach their kids a foreign language on their own, thus deepening their knowledge of the subject.

Explore topics

The theme of "body parts" need to be split into components. For example, separately to study the head, body, arms, legs. Thus it is necessary to focus on the details. For example:

The hair-hair [hɛə]

  • Black – black;
  • Blonde – blonde;
  • Rus – fair;
  • Red - red;
  • Dark – dark;
  • Hoary, grey-grey.

How to ease the memorization process

This issue must be approached in stages. Initially, you need to figure out what type of memory is prevalent in child. If the main force was visual memory, make sure that there are many images of body parts. All audio will be useful for fans to perceive information at the hearing. Video tutorial easy assembles these effects on the memory of the baby, which is the main reason to use it when learning English.

pictures body parts for kids

It is best to approach the study in a comprehensive manner. Starting early in the morning, follow with a child charge, accompanied by the words-name parts of the body. During the day, play with him in the game “say the word”. The kid should call the body part that shows (person in the picture or video), or Vice versa, to show the necessary, called part.

Symbols ‘body Parts" for children can be purchased in any bookstore. While it is possible to select the desired image size for more comfortable training. Be sure that the pictures were colorful and memorable, perhaps even ridiculous.


To improve the consumption traversed vocabulary on the topic you want to describe yourself. For very young children, the text is quite primitive. With the development of vocabulary and increases the scope and meaning of the description. Start the story on their looks better person, to finish the text it is recommended that praise nature. The child will be very happy to describe themselves with a good hand.

body parts for kids

General guidelines

Turn your child learning a foreign language in a real holiday. Use all possible situations to recollect the studied words. Always support and warm interest in learning the language. Please remember that the teacher alone will not be able to fully help the child. For a complete and easy learning process should be continuous. Body parts in English to remember not too difficult, if to the rescue of the child comes to his parents, friends.


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