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The school pupils are often given homework to write an essay on various subjects. This creative exercise interesting and gives you the opportunity to fully Express your creativity and share what on your mind. Essay “My teacher" is necessarily present in the program for the students of different classes. Therefore, toddlers, and students must be prepared for it.essay my favorite teacher

To Write an essay about a favorite teacher is not difficult for children of different ages. Most importantly, the parents told their child the essence of the job and reveal the secrets of the creation of such works, which one can obtain a high score.

What to write in essay about favorite teacher

In the essay it is necessary to fully Express thoughts and tell that in my soul. The first such assignment is aimed at revealing the inner world of the child and an understanding of how comfortable the student feels in school.

You first need to Express thoughts about whether to study or something in the curriculum I would like to change. Then you need to talk about what items are the most favorite.

The Next thing you must explain is essay about favorite teacher. In this segment of the job you need to describe in detail what qualities in the heart like a nice teacher and what this teacher different from the others.

How to plan essays

The Child should take responsibility for the task. This can help parents. Essay “My teacher" should be written according to plan. In this case, will not lost important items and mandatory items.


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  • First, that should be covered in the essay is to describe a school. In this part you should tell about how comfortable to be in school, what they like about school and what I would like to change.
  • Second item is a description of the items that attracted the most interest. To describe these classes necessary details to fully develop a theme.
  • Third item should be done a detailed description of favorite teacher. Here you can talk about his qualities, attitude to the students to describe the appearance.

essay on favorite teacher

These points will help to write in-depth and full composition, by which a son or daughter can gain appreciation and praise from the teacher.

Essay, “My teacher" for elementary school children

In the first classes, as well as in the senior, may be included in the job about most expensive teachers. Usually essay “My teacher’ the youngest of schoolchildren sincere and pours from the heart. Below son or daughter understand how to write this type of work, you can show them some examples.


I really like to go to school. Every day I learn something new. Everything is friendly, the security guard knows everyone's names, and school Director with respect to each one of us. Therefore, in school, I feel like home.

Most of all I like math and physical education. Are items that are given to me very easily. But the most favorite lesson yet I would call physical education.

A Teacher of physical education always fair. He does not hide if one of us does something wrong. And he always praises if the task is performed correctly. Vasily Petrovich - a man in his fifties. He's tall, figure in his sport. Just look at it - it becomes immediately clear that this man is physical exercise.

More such teachers to us in school.essay about favorite teacher

This essay “My favorite teacher" without a doubt, would have earned praise from the class teacher or the teacher leading Russian language and literature. Boys and girls should learn the above option works to write the job correctly and get a high evaluation.

Essay, “Favorite teacher" for high school students

In high school also set such tasks. Students older than fifth grade vocabulary and speech patterns already at the level that they can write a great piece about your favorite teacher. For example we can take the next option.


I have six years in school. Really glad mom and dad chose for me this school. Here I have a lot of friends from our class and from the elders. And in school I get a lot of useful new knowledge which, probably, will be useful to me in adult life.

Most of all I love the lessons of the “Natural” and “Literature”. But I have a suspicion that interesting to me these lessons in conjunction with teachers. Very much I like the teachers who lead these lessons.

More I love Irina Viktorovna, who teaches us literature. She is very beautiful and always fashionably dressed. It is pleasant to look. And when she begins to read us something, it is so overwhelmed with emotion that it seems like she is the author of all works.

In relation to student Irina is very loyal. She has no favorite or least favorite students. All it is the same. When someone has not learned the subject, she explains how much a person loses, not knowing the work. After these words I want to read and do everything she asks.

Do you Think that Irina – example of the ideal teacher. I would like to have such teachers in our school had more.essay my favorite teacher of physical education

This essay “My teacher" is perfect for pupils over the fifth grade. Most importantly, this was written from the heart and sincerely. Then the teacher will set a high estimate.


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