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If a person is challenged to learn a foreign language, he can not do without learning the specific words. GLM (USA) – organization, keeping a record of English vocabulary and new concepts. Today it recorded 1 million 19 thousand 729 words. But in order to communicate with English-speaking citizens need to know about 1.5 thousand. Free reading of texts and Newspapers will require me to learn 10 thousand most commonly used lexical units and idiomatic expressions. Be sure to start with the common ones. The topic of the article – 100 most popular English words. So, read more.the 100 most popular English words

How to determine the most used words

N. A. Bonk, whose books he studied all the Soviet Union, turned into an asset 1250 nouns, adjectives, verbs and stable expressions, which often are the Foundation of other sources. There's an approach, when the most popular English words are determined by the analysis of literary works in the original language. Studied up to 700 works, and the list includes not only the full units of speech, but also practical and useful articles, verbs, pronouns. Compiled dictionaries in 300, 500, 3000 words.

Thanks to the research of the University of Oxford selected the first hundred most frequent words. The scientists analyzed a variety of sources: literature, periodicals, Internet sites, specialized magazines. The first twenty-five words are found in one third of all the studied works. A hundred words – half of the sources. The most common of all parts of speech are verbs.most popular English words


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List of most popular English words: verbs

With this part of speech should start learning English, paying attention to the following fact: it is characterized by a strict construction of the sentences. Often the word can act as subject and predicate. The translation depends on what place it was. First always put the subject. So, the most popular English words indicate verbs:

  • Be (am, is, are) – can act as an independent verb (to be, to exist) and the conjunction in the meaning of “eat” in the composition of the nominal predicate; used in the Past Simple was, were; Past Participle – been;
  • Have (had) – have;
  • Do (did, done) – to do;
  • Say – to speak;
  • Get (got)– get, get;
  • Make (made)– to do;
  • Can (could) - can;
  • Like – like;
  • Know (knew, known) – know;
  • Take (took, taken) – to take;
  • See (saw, seen)– see;
  • Look – look, looking;
  • Come (came, come) – to come;
  • Use – to use (as a noun has a value of “use”);
  • Work – to work;
  • Want-want;
  • Give (gave, given) – to give.
  • Think (thought) – to reflect, to think.

For irregular verbs in the parentheses indicate the past tense (Past Simple) and participle the same time - Past Participle. If they are identical, it is specified once.the most popular words in the English language


The English word it is better to teach in a particular context. This is especially true of nouns that are used in multiple meanings and can be translated. The task of beginners easier by the fact that the most popular words in the English language does not have special difficulties. Some of them are in the top 100 of the most commonly used?

  • Year   year.
  • Time & ndash; time.
  • Person-person, person, person.
  • Way   way.
  • Day – day.

With regard to speaking, there are at least 100 nouns, without which communication with English-speaking citizens extremely difficult. Among them: word (word), boy (boy), people (people), man (man), land (land) woman (woman), girl (girl), name (name), home (home), mother (mother), country (country), sun (sun), question (question), city (city), life (life), children (children), book (book), family (family), color (color), and others. For convenience, create a conversation where the words are collected on topics: “store”, “pharmacy”, “street”, “Weather”, “Family”. But today we are talking about the most commonly used words according to the Oxford University study.the most popular words in English with translation

Prepositions, pronouns and articles

Most Often in the English language uses definite and indefinite articles, which have no independent translation. In the first place among all such words, the frequency of use is the. Is the definite article before a noun and indicating that there is a speech about a particular subject: the letter – not just a letter, and something about which the conversation is conducted. Not translated and indefinite articles-a, an. The second is used if the word begins with a vowel. The use of articles indicates that the conversation is about the General concept, not specific things. For example, a pen (pen), an air (air).

Impossible to translate phrases and build sentences, without knowing the reasons. This is the most popular English word: to (to) of () in (), for (for), on (), with (C), at (y), by (when), from (from), into (), after (after), arsenic (as), over (over).

One of the most used words – the pronoun “I”. In English it is capitalized – I. for Example, I know that… (I know). That translates as “the one”. Some common pronouns: it (it) he (it) you (you) this (this, this, this), his (its) they (they), her (it) she (it) my (my), me (me), who (who), which (which), your (yours), him (it) them (them), our (ours), these (these), us (us us) all (all) we (we).

Adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs

What epithets most often use English? There are only a few, but they deserve our attention: good (good), any (any), new (new), other (other), first (first). The last – it is a numeral that stands up to 88 place by frequency of use.

list of most popular words of English Not many in the top 100 languages, but among them: most (most, most), even (even), back (back) well (good), also (also), only (just) now (now), then (then), some (some, several), just (just), when (when), up (up) there (there).

Most popular English words – it is the unions that connect complex sentences. Fifth place in the top 100 is “and”, in the original language – and. Slightly less common are: or (or), so (so, so), how (how, how), because (because).

What else should I know

The List will be incomplete without the inclusion of particles: no, not (not, not), would (would); and also the numerals: two (two) one (one). Oxford scientists analyzed the texts, so the one hundred most used words are not included in the agreement the word “Yes”, which is often used in colloquial speech. In English- yes. Embarking on a foreign language should know that it is not only the difficulty in pronunciation is unusual for Russians, sounds, and difficulty when reading.

The Most popular words in English with translation needs to include the transcription - recording sound using phonetic symbols. For reading it is important to know not only its rules but also the types of syllables (five), significantly affecting the pronunciation of letter combinations. However, “Google” makes it easier, offering voice sound searched in the word search, which allowed us not to use the transcription.

For successful language learning you need to pay attention to idiomatic expressions and other idioms that you should also remember that along with simple words. This is particularly important for the development of spoken language.


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