Safe mode on the tablet: how to disable and how to use this feature?


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The operating system "Android" found millions of fans around the world. Her success is not surprising, because all rights belong to the global giant Google. Users choose it for the convenience, clean interface, and democracy. After all, almost all elements are amenable to change, up to edit system files. However, such modification is not no good end, if the device is in unskilled hands. Besides, if thoughtlessly to upload various content such as applications from unknown sources can harm even the best version of the shell. Yes, and the "robot" like no other OS is prone to virus attacks, and errors in the course of work. To solve such problems, the developers gave the platform access to safe mode. About what it is, how to use it and how to remove safe mode on your tablet and smartphone, and we will discuss in this article.

Why you need a BR and how it go?

To get into safe mode, you should press on the lock button as you would do to turn off the gadget. The item "turn Off" you need to tap and hold until the prompt to enter the BR. Select "OK" and wait until your device will reboot and will turn on in the BR. A separate topic of conversation is safe mode on tablet how to disable it we will describe below. And while I would like to say a few words about the General features.

how to remove safe mode for tablet

BR is a mode intended for diagnostics of the device. If you know what safe mode is "Windows" and you had to deal with it problems with its use on the tablet you have should arise. In this state disables all third party applications, drivers, utilities, software and components in order to easily test the system and identify any existing error. In this position it is possible to notice how "fast" can work "naked" Android, while not burdening third-party programs, various widgets, and other similar components. It is important to note that the BR is turned off and Internet connection.


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safe mode on tablet how to disable

How to turn off safe mode?

Safe mode does not require any special trip. As a rule, simply restart the device and it will start in the usual way. But sometimes, even after a reboot, the gadget still comes back to safe mode often is complain. What to do in this case?

Safe mode on your tablet: how to disable?

If after you have rebooted the system, the device is not returned to its previous state - just try to disable it, wait a while and re-enable. In some cases, also to get the battery out. But how to remove safe mode on your tablet? Because not all of these concepts remove the rear cover. Of course, to return the gadget in the status of functioning of all components, and even has several ways.

safe mode Windows

How to restore the tablet to normal mode

It is necessary to reboot the system. During the new turn on your tablet you need to press the Home button. Let her not be until such time as the gadget is completely included.

The Variety of models produced under control of OS Android is really big. Some of them even have a built-in function reload. Then you need to turn off the gadget. And immediately after starting clamp is already known to us button.

Restart the tablet using the recovery mode

"recovery" is a special console where you can reset or system startup. If you bought a tablet in the certified product and with the stock firmware, this console must be present in your device. It is a bit like the BIOS, if the analogy with the computer. If this console for some reason was not - you can download it directly from the OS with small tools. So, safe mode on tablet how to disable it in recovery console?

how to disable safe mode

For each model device (tablet or smart phone) is a way to get into the mode "recovery". Initially, you need to turn off the gadget. Then try hold both the power button and volume (you can try and increase the volume). This is the most common way to log into the console. If not, you should read the instructions how to go into "recovery" it with your tablet.

In the console you will see REboot system is rebooting. You can reach it by using the volume keys, and the choice to make the switch. Using Wipe data/Factory Reset will reset it to factory settings. This should be done only as a last resort, if all previous methods did not help you to return the tablet in normal mode. All user settings will be deleted, but the information on the memory card will remain.

We tell you about safe mode on the tablet. How to disable it, you now know and so don't be afraid to apply this method to diagnose the system andTroubleshooting.

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