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In the modern world is an important condition for choosing different devices is the size. This clause applies to laptops. The smaller the device, the more comfortable to use it. Bright representative of miniature devices can be considered Acer ZG5.

The Main goal of the manufacturer when designing the ultrabook was to achieve the smaller sizes. This model was an interesting design and high-quality housing. However, because of the minimal size Acer ZG5 could not get a powerful stuffing. It should be noted that there are two configurations of the model: with a hard drive capacity of 120 GB and SSD, which has different capacity.

acer zg5


Case Acer ZG5 was made of different kinds of plastic. The quality of the material is quite high because the manufacturer did not save on the device. Cover is made of glossy material, and accordingly, is quite dirty. The rest of the Cabinet is made of less easily soiled plastic. It is pleasant to the eye and to the touch. Anyway, the quality of material and Assembly at height. Among its closest competitors Acer ZG5 looks like the clear favorite according to the parameters.

Keyboard and touchpad

Keys, unlike cover, is made of a material which is less susceptible to contamination. The buttons are small to type comfortably. The result has been a sophisticated manufacturer design. The keys have a nice stroke and make a distinctive sound when pressed. Encouraged by the presence on the keyboard all the usual keys. Such can boast of a few similar devices. Despite its small size, to get used to the keyboard it is possible in quite a short time.

acer zg5 specifications


Screen Acer ZG5 has a very small size which is only 8.9". However, the 1024X600 resolution here that is most often found in devices with 10" screens. Acer ZG5, the characteristics of which are presented in this article, due such a small display is quite a good companion on long trips. However, such a high resolution making some small items on the screen hard to see why you have to strain your eyes, and they, in turn, get tired quickly.


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Acer ZG5, specifications of the screen which do not differ in anything from similar devices, got a mirror substrate and a backlight led. As a result, the screen has great brightness, contrast, color reproduction, good viewing angles and one significant drawback. Because of technology, which made the display, it was virtually impossible to work in strong sunlight, as it is much glare. But its compactness involves the use of various conditions.


The Acer One ZG5, technical characteristics of which, as mentioned above, a small, sufficiently powerful hardware. The device has a processor Intel Atom N270, which is aimed at saving energy. The clock speed is 1.6 GHz. RAM netbook also can not boast. Here it is only 512 MB which is very small for the solution of modern problems. And installed it one a removable strap, however, there is one empty slot (the maximum amount for a new strap 1GB). The end result is 1.5 GB that the device is not bad. Moreover, the netbook is designed for surfing the Internet and typing.


acer zg5 specifications

Despite its small size, Acer ZG5 was able to acquire a number of ports. On the body of the netbook, the user will find three USB ports, a card reader, and SD card slot. The presence of this slot due to the fact that the device has a small memory footprint (especially when using SDD), and, therefore, each megabyte of memory is very important. Therefore, if you have extra SD cards there is a sense to install it in this unit. For Internet access you can use the LAN input or wireless Wi-Fi network. Also the netbook was not deprived of a webcam, which is not the best quality but suitable for video calls.


acer one zg5 specifications

Acer ZG5 able to offer the user a compact and decent autonomy, but have not got a netbook productive "iron". This unit will not be able to run demanding programs and games, but in a way it can help to edit the document or view your mail. The disadvantages are glaring on the sun screen, as this model often can be used in the sunlight. The rest of the netbook is quite good and is one of the best in its price category.

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