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"Gapixel" — is an Association of several game servers popular a sandbox game "Minecraft" in one big project. Creator was made by a user under the nickname HyPixel (hence the name), who is both catastrofale and video maker on YouTube. "Gapixel" in Minecraft is one of the most successful projects that could attract public attention not only because it has absorbed all the best and popular servers, but also the ability to quickly connect and switch between them.

How to go to gapixel

All servers, included in the "Hypersil" are independent and are combined in one overall (main) lobby, which concurrently acts as the point to spawn. The movement is using a special compass (in other words — teleporting). How to go to "Gapixel"? Just insert the IP ( to your license launcher in the servers. This is the surest and easiest way. When you play on a pirated copy, you can voznikat problems with how to go for the "Hypersil". If you suffer from the inability to connect to the server, ask for help on topical forums.

General lobby and a lobby server

The Shared lobby is a place in which at first gets the player. By accessing "Hypersil" (as in the first and in subsequent times), you get the teleporting compass that allows you to quickly and easily navigate between servers. In the lobby you can also obtain other useful things, e.g. the character's head, allowing it to enter the menu with the achievements, the chest filled with various gadgets, two-tone coloring (gray and green), which you can use to remove the sight of other heroes and hell of a star, which changes the lobby mini-games.

Server gapixel

Inside the lobby of the server "Hypersil" is 34NPC, and if it mouse clicks, you can earn about 2500 gold coins. It is a kind of mini-game in which you need to find all the NPCs and collect their coins.


How to get out of

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List of servers. Part 1

"Police and crime"

On this server, a team of police opposes the team of terrorists. Here are the real guns, knives and grenades-all that stuff becomes possible due to its own unfortunately. Depending on which side you play, there are two main objectives: to defuse the bomb or do anything to make it activated.

"Vampire Z"

Among the players randomly select one "vampire", which will deal with the rest of the survivors just twelve minutes. If someone died, then he turns into a vampire. On the server there is a shop, supplying a variety of weapons and provisions.


A Simple mode where players are divided into four teams and compete against each other. Before the battle everyone is given fifteen minutes to prepare. Basically it is the classic PvP.

Minecraft gapixel


Another representative of the PvP mode, which is pistols and rifles gives their players in the hands of snowballs. The battle is between two teams and lasts up to a point. Win is the team on whose account turns out to be a greater number of murders.

List of servers. Part 2


"Megascene" — it's ideological, a modified continuation of its original. Players form teams, each of which must be twenty five people. The main goal is the mining of vital resources and survival.

"a Mysterious murder"

Another mode to the server "Gapixel". A small game that requires ingenuity and resourcefulness. Players assume multiple roles: the detective, the murderer and the ordinary citizen. Each role has its own task: a detective tries to catch the killer, the killer is trying to destroy every player, but an ordinary citizen just want to survive.


The strategy Mode in which players fight against each other on a desert island. In the sand hidden chests with useful items, having captured which, you can increase your chances of survival.

License to gapixel

Going to the "Hypersil", as mentioned earlier, you will find a lot of interesting modes for the game. We have described only the most popular ones.

Other features

  1. The license of "Hypersil" there is the possibility of acquiring Pets — the mobs that are summoned by the player with the bones.
  2. Each game mode has its own achievement system, for which special glasses are paid.

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