How to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 while browsing - step-by-step description and methods


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Quite often, many users are faced with the fact that downloaded from the Internet video looks a bit uncomfortable to view only for the reason that it is rotated at a certain angle. Below we consider the main methods that allow to solve the problem of how to flip the video 90 or 180 degrees. In principle, to do it in any Windows system completely elementary, but it is possible to offer several alternatives that allow rotation other than the standard values of the angles. This applies not only to stationary but also mobile systems in which, however, the resolution of such problems is greatly simplified (more on this separately).

How to rotate the video 90 degrees? Windows 7: different ways

Questions edit frame is inextricably linked to several types of programs. In the simplest case, to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 or any other system you can directly playback the file in any known player.

rotate the video 90 degrees windows 7

However, not all applications of this type are able to save the rotated image, so that later it was reproduced in the desired mode. In such cases you will have to apply to at least the simplest video editing tools and then save. In addition, the settings with some graphics cards or setting parameters screen in the system is also able to solve this problem. Consider all the options.

How to rotate the video 90 degrees when viewing?

As you know, any Windows system has a default player (Media Player). In modern systems the classic player is missing, and instead there is a new development.


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How to flip the video on a computer with Windows 7? Simple. After opening the file, and start playback you can use the usual context menu via right-click in the image where is selected the desired turn. But we should not overlook the special setting of hot keys that allow you to refuse a call various menus and settings. For example, to turn playable frame 180 degrees is possible through Ctrl + Alt while pressing the up arrow. 90 degrees to the right or left is made with the same starting combination, but additionally using the appropriate arrows.

how to rotate the video 90 degrees in windows 7 different ways

A Similar option is to use the Alt key in combination with numeric keypad (if it exists). But the use of this player as classic player, described below, are impractical not because it does not store an image, but only for the reason that are extremely limited in detectable and reproducible formats.

Windows Media Player Classic

Classic player in recent versions of Windows. You can download it directly on the official Microsoft resource. If you want to load and display a complex called Media Center. Action to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 or any other system modifications in the use of these funds particularly will not be different.

how to rotate the video 90 degrees and save

In addition to the above combinations, you can use special settings where you want to install your own keyboard shortcuts for quick turn change the image size, etc.

Screen Orientation

Not all users know that to rotate the video 90 degrees in Windows 7 and other systems you can quite simply by selecting the appropriate settings screen.

how to flip the video in 90 and 180 degree

This can be Done through menu personalization or screen resolution settings (monitor), where you just need to specify landscape or portrait orientation (or the inverted scheme). The method is quite inconvenient, because the required video will play as expected, but here is the file with the standard orientation to be upside down. For such cases it is better to use other methods.

Settings > graphics adapter

Many graphics cards can also rotate the video by 90 degrees. Windows 7 or any other OS, the special role here is not played.

It is Important to understand only the point that the setting basically applies to the options screen in the operating system itself is duplicated by the application to control the graphics adapter (although the presence of additional control programs can open advanced options, which options of the OS are not available). Basically here we are not talking about the integrated chip, and the NVIDIA and Radeon. Built-in video card settings are not even in the options DirectX.

VLC Player

As for players, we should also mention the VLC player. Not only that, he is able to play almost all known audio and video formats, image rotation it is very simple.

how to flip the video on the computer and phone

For the implementation of such actions it is necessary to open the adjustment effects and filters in the tools menu, then put thethe checkbox next to turn. To get quick access to this option, you can define your own key combination by type of order, as is done in classic player Windows.

By the Way, the question is how to flip the video on the computer and phone using player of any type, varies quite strongly. If the mobile device is in the rotation sensor, simply place the device in the appropriate position, and the turn will happen automatically. But with computers or laptops and such actions do not pass.

Rotate video and save in a standard system programs

But let's consider how to rotate the video 90 degrees and save. As standard players do not have this possibility, it is better, before you open the file, use a video editing software.

how to flip the video on the computer windows 7

As the most simple tool will fit the same Movie Maker or “Studio”. After opening the file you can use two buttons, marked with left and right arrows, successively pressing which turns the image in a predetermined direction at an angle multiple of 90 degrees. Actually, after this, you simply save an object under a new name or use the quick save (Ctrl + S). The disadvantage of this application is only that it has limitations in the perceived format, and some files are open simply will not work. This is especially true of the latter-day formats like FLV. Unfortunately, “native” program Windows can recognize only the most common uncompressed formats, and orientation is mainly produced in the standard Windows file-systems. You can, of course, to initially use some Converter and convert the original video to understand Windows format. But whether or not to engage in such actions if there is a more simple solution?

Using third-party development

And the most effective are the professional software for processing video.

how to rotate the video 90 degrees when viewing

Today you can find a lot. If the user has at least basic skills of working with such tools, can you recommend a powerful program Sony Vegas Pro. The utility of such a plan, unlike all the other tools, allow you to choose an arbitrary rotation angle, and not just go by a multiple of 90 degree values. The advantage is that along the way you can apply different effects or use anti-aliasing, which can manifest when you set rotation.

Even some audio editors like Sound Forge can edit the imported video. And the applicable settings are very diverse. You can change not only the position of the picture relative to the screen, but also change the framerate (fps). And this is not talking about what the original sound is altered all the parameters.


As a result, it remains to add that any man should clearly understand the task. Depending on whether he wants to rotate the image when you view or save it after making such actions, the methods applied are totally different. But what just described is the most practical option? I think, disposable operation when viewing the video can only be applied if further preservation is not provided. To change the settings screen is also not recommended because then the operating system interface will look different. There remains only the use of editors, with the further opening of the files stored in iPods. If professional tools are not able to work, there is nothing wrong in using simple programs of the system. If you learn how to use them, then you can move on to more complex packages and fine settings. Needless to say, what they in most cases given preference?

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