World of Warcraft: outland, the Fortress of storms. Where is the Fortress of storms?


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One of the largest complexes of WoW dungeon - Fortress of Storms - appeared in the app Burning Crusade. Passage of all instances in this location today is not as difficult as it was during the time of the release of a patch for 70 levels. Consider what constitutes the strength of Storms, and where it is located.

How did the Fortress?

According to the story, which was told by game developers, impregnable flying fortress was the result of the latest technical developments of the mysterious people of the Naaru, which its creation has made the fall of Draenor – the homeland and refuge of the Draenei. In fact, it is thanks to this fortress, there was this play area WoW as outland. The Naaru originally supposed to use the strength of Storms as the main base from which they could make devastating raids on warring against them the Burning Legion.

fortress of storms

The Huge ship, reminiscent of the space station could teleport to other dimensions with it warriors. However, after the Naaru blithely went to the territory of outland, the flying Bastion was captured by Prince Kel,The shuffling and his minions, causing the strength of Storms has been turned into them only in the means of production chaotic energy out of Netherstorm.

Subzone fortress

If you look at the building from the outside, it looks like a cluster of different sized ships. Each of them are dungeons of various difficulty levels, and in the Central, largest part floating in the air fortress RAID instance named Eye. Here tend to get players who reached level 70 to get the best armour, and to try his luck and knock out the first boss of al,Ara magnificent mount – Phoenix hawk. It is possible to extract and battle pet – a baby Phoenix. In addition, mining in the RAID dungeon can be a variety of armor from a set of T5 for all classes that can be used for transmogrification.

On the side platforms of the Fortress of Storms is possible to find the entrances to Botany, Mechanar and Arcatraz – dungeons, which do not pass difficult 5 players. Perhaps this is the best place to farm a huge amount of rune cloth or fabric of the void, and to fill bags with herbs of outland.

Location tempest on the map

To understand where is the Fortress of Storms, is sufficient to expand the map of outland to explore the right-top & ndash; Pustovit. In this zone, on the Eastern outskirts, is a complex of dungeons. When approaching the fortress to focus not only directly on the map, but also through transparent tubes with fluid in them the energy of chaos, which stretches almost across locations.

wow fortress of storms

How to get to tempest?

Go to the Fortress of Storms is not that difficult. The first way – to get to the zone Pustovit yourself on a flying vehicle. For this you need to get to the capital of outland Shattrath city and fly on to the North through Sugartop and ostrogothia, then turn East. If the character has already learned routes in Outland, you can contact the nearest steward of flights to any point location and buy a flight to Kosovorotka. Is a settlement located in the vicinity of the tempest.

where is the fortress of storms

The Second way to get to the place where the citadel of Storms – go through the portal to outland in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Once the character is in Hellfire Peninsula, again, by flight of the tamer of metrocream or go Pustovit your own flying mount.

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