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In the game WoT a lot depends on how properly you choose the tank and as well develop a strategy around it. The fact that this game has no pulse, that is, machines which in any case are better than the rest - each has its pros and cons. First you need to be able to use it, and second to be able to compensate, to hide and to turn in their favor. Thus, even if you choose the most powerful and dangerous tank of the highest level, you can still lose, even light tanks, if you go into battle without any specific strategy and tactics. In this case we will focus on the tank, which is called "object 140" is a pretty interesting piece of military equipment that is worth exploring in more detail before taking it into battle.

The Basis for the object

object 140

Some tanks you can purchase in stock picking in finished form, and then to develop them, improve, install performance upgrades and new parts. However, not everything happens exactly - for example, if you want to get the object 140, you will not be able to buy it in the drain Assembly and pump. The fact that you need to buy and pump medium tank of the Soviet branch of the T-54 - it will serve you as a basis for the new object. When you will already have a fully pumped tank T-54, you can explore 140 the object, spending a little more than 200 thousand gold. But in the end you will get a high-end vehicle, which will be provided with all the top details. If you are interested in that kind of detail, then you should read this article further.


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Configuration object

object 140 guide

So if you did the study and got the object 140, you will naturally be wondering how exactly it is staffed. Here you will find a pleasant surprise, as the unit of military equipment will delight you in almost all respects. For example, it has gun-8ТС with a caliber of one hundred millimeters, a penetration which reaches as many as 330 units, and the damage can rise up to 420 units depending on what part of the enemy tank under fire. This gun has good rate of fire, pretty little scatter and tolerant, so you can use it to the fullest and to have a serious advantage over opponents. The armored body of the tank is not very good - the thickness of the armor up to a maximum of one hundred millimeters, and in some places falls to 55 millimeters. As for the tower, it is much better armored, but it has some weak points, which can be aimed at your opponent. In addition, the speed of rotation of the tower is quite high, as the view from that tower. Suspension allows you to increase weight loads on the tank up to 39 tons, and thus he will not lose in speed and maneuverability. Well, the radio station this tank is the top. in order to transfer the flashes at distances up to 730 meters. So it looks around the equipment, which is equipped with object 140. Hyde, of course, is not limited to only listing the components of the tank.

The Advantages of the tank

object t 140

What are the main advantages can be identified, which has the object 140? The guide will describe in detail what this car is good and what is not. You should start with the fact that this tank has quite a powerful and rapid-fire cannon with rapid mixing, and most importantly, with incredible accuracy, which does not fall even on the go. But not only the gun is strong this tank - it also stands out for its high speed, agility, maneuverability and mobility in not the most pleasant for other machines areas. Oh and don't forget about the fact that this object has a low silhouette that allows it to get much fewer shells - and those with a little delay due to the additional information in tanks with a higher rise. Thus, the object of the t-140 can be considered one of the best medium tanks not only in the Soviet branch, but in all the others.

Disadvantages of the tank

tank object 140

How could it be perfect, though any tank? Object 140 is also not perfect, and in addition to the excellent and memorable of advantages and benefits, it there are also drawbacks, which in any case should not be forgotten. You can't plan a strategy, if you only pay attention to pluses tanks is a losing tactic. So, the main disadvantage of this tank previously mentioned, the maximum thickness of armor on the body is poor, so you better not to fall under direct fire, as this could end badly for you. Also not worth much to stick the tower, as experts in your tank perfectly aware of where "thick-skinned" tower hatches, which can be easily accessed and cause direct damage, bypassing the 240-millimeter armor. There is also not the most pleasant feature associated with the crits, which often pass through the fuel tanks and ammunition, so you need to closely keep track of where it shoots your opponent to avoid a fire or even explosion of the shells, which stores the object 140. The review you have is pretty high, so realize that with proper effort it is possible.

Tactics on the battlefield

overview of object 140

So, to summarize the pros and cons, we can derive some basic fundamentals of tactics of warfare in this tank. First, you need to use the high maneuverability and mobility of your tank to attack the enemy and evade his attacks. High accuracy of your gun allows you to shoot on the move, without stopping or substituting its thin armor under fire. Medium and long distances, perfect for object, and you need to understand that movement is life. While you move and do it correctly, you greatly extend your life.

Insights on the tank

The Object 140 has high growth, coupled with a great gun. It is well suited for protecting objects due to its high speed, can, if necessary, to punch through the thick armor on the turret. But he can act as support when attacking, and in the role of assault force due to its high damage and armor penetration. In the end, you get a versatile tank who just need to learn how to use it to decide the outcome of any battle.


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