The System process (NT Kernel System) bad: what to do? Some practical recommendations


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It so Happens that the user in the system like any resource-intensive programs are not running anything lately, not installed, and the load on the CPU and RAM suddenly increases enormously (albeit briefly). The culprit, if you look at the active service in the "task Manager" is a process description like System (NT Kernel System) or NT Kernel & System. What it is, only few can imagine, as well as why this service starts to consume your PC resources at the level of from 60 to 95 %. Try to understand what was happening, and at the same time consider issues related to how to reduce the load on the system.

System (NT Kernel System) - what is the process?

Generally, even the most advanced users precise definition of this service can not give. However, as the name suggests, it can be assumed that it refers to the processes associated with the core of the system (the command processor) and is thought to be the link between the hardware and the software part of a computer system.

system nt kernel system

Another point is that this service is partly tied to the operating system, although it directly involved only because it contains data and settings the welcome screen. Why NT Kernel System loads the CPU and memory is not known for certain, but one can assume that there could be influenced by virus exposure and unused custom programs, and outdated drivers and the lack of mandatory system updates. Thus, it is possible to offer some simple solutions that will reduce the load on resources. By the way, immediately it is worth noting that such problems somehow appeared most frequently in Windows 7 or 10. Why? Nobody knows. But in other versions even the shadow of such a phenomena was observed.


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NT Kernel System ship system: what to do in the first place?

So, first, when the load increases you simply perform a restart of the system. Perhaps at some stage there was a momentary glitch that will disappear after a reboot.

nt kernel system loading

If the resource consumption during a certain period of time will be on the same level, you should try to roll back the system by selecting the configuration, when such phenomena were not observed using the ‘Center of recovery”.


It is possible that the NT Kernel System process in Windows 7 or 10 behaves just because it is not the original service, and virus masquerading under it.

In such a situation it is desirable to make at once a deep scan of your computer some portable utility, but it is better to use a boot disk or USB drive with stored program Kaspersky Rescue Disk, which when testing can reveal deeply entrenched in the system of viruses and the threats that infiltrated into memory. Start is utility before booting the operating system. When you run the scan it is better to choose all partitions and install deep scan.


Because the service is System (NT Kernel System) has to start the OS, sometimes to reduce the load that appears after the system has fully loaded, helps disabling unnecessary items in the startup programs.

nt kernel system windows 7

To do this in Windows 7, you can use msconfig you enter in the console “Run”, then switch to the appropriate tab. In Windows 10, this section is called "task Manager". Just try to disable everything there, and make a restart.

Questions updates, drivers and installed applications

Sometimes you can find user reviews that suggests that excessive activity of the service System (NT Kernel System) can be related to the fact that the system does not have the latest updates. It is possible that in “update” failed.

In this situation you need to ask search for available updates yourself and install critical updates.

nt kernel system ship system

Drivers can also play a role. Usually it is recommended to update them. Manually to do this – it is quite ungrateful (especially because Windows does not always find the most suitable device drivers). It is better to use programs like Driver Booster, which find the latest drivers on the websites of the equipment manufacturers and integrate them into the system without user intervention.

system nt kernel system

If with the updated drivers also have problems, as one of the solutions you can offer to make them back in “device Manager”, after finding out which driver is causing problems with the load.

In terms of references to unused programs problems can also occur. As an option, it is recommended to remove those applications that have not been run, and then clean the registry and hard disk, using some kind of optimizer (CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare, etc.).


These Are the main methods of reducing the load on system resources if the cause of all ills is indeed described process. Alas, to pinpoint the cause of such phenomena is impossible, so you have to act, that is, at random, trying each technique in turn.


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