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Modern information technologies is impossible without virtualization. The fashion for the creation of electronic digital copies peaked: digitize everything from natural phenomena and ending with living beings. Without attention did not remain themselves components of the computer: virtual disk, virtual audio cable – all this has long become commonplace and familiar. Many in their daily work encounter even with a virtual computer implemented by applications, VMware, Virtual Box, etc.

Despite this, for the majority of users the most popular program emulator drive for reading CD-ROMs. There were quite a lot of: Virtual CD, CD Emulator from Paragon company, Virtual Drive, Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools. Currently, it can be argued that invisible confrontation won app for emulation Daemon Tools (DT). But all good things have a downside, so it is understandable that novice users began to appear in the question “how to disable a virtual disk".

When you install DT, it creates in the operating system of the virtual drive and assigns it drive letter. Then everything is simple: through the program interface to insert a disk image in a virtual drive and work with the image like a regular CD. Everything seems to be clear. But very often beginners unknowingly create in the system of extra virtual drives, and start looking for the answer how to delete a virtual disk. The performance is not affected, but if the hard drive is divided into multiple logical partitions, installed the drive hardware, and a few virtual added – it is time to get lost.


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There are several ways to solve this problem. We consider, simultaneously answering the question “how to delete a virtual disk". The easiest way – use the tools in the software that created the disc. In our case, DT.

Press the button “start” and looking at the list Daemon Tools. Run the application. There is a main window divided into two: at the top of the image catalog, and the bottom – create the virtual drives. Click allocated the excess, press the right mouse button. How to remove virtual drive? Very simple! In the appeared menu there is an option “to Remove the drive”. That's all.

The Second variant differs in the selection of the menu item. Follow the “Settings”. In the drop-down list of “drive” choose “Not selected”.

The Third option, which helps to understand how to remove virtual drive in Daemon Tools. Secreted by clicking of the left mouse button and click extra the icon of the drive and the red cross icon (a tooltip appears – “to Remove a virtual drive"). Repeat steps for all extra devices. You can remove all. In the future, add them as easily.

If for some reason you cannot use the funds of the program, then delete the virtual disk and system tools in Windows. Caused right-click the properties icon “My computer" desktop. In its absence follow the “start” – “My computer” – “Properties”. Then on the left select the link to “device Manager”. Open the list of drives and virtual drive select “Properties – Disable" (not to be confused with the physical device). At any moment you can return by clicking “Cycle”.


Select properties “My computer” and follow the item “Management”. Here at storage devices looking for the ability to manage disks. The called menu (right click) the virtual drive and follow the “properties”. Further, the tab “Driver” and click “Disable". It's that simple.

As has been repeatedly pointed out, these how to disable (if necessary) very quickly back. But if you completely uninstalled from the operating system DT, the virtual drive will disappear forever (to re-install the software).


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