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"Nancy drew" is a fascinating adventure game created for the PC platform. The history of this for almost 10 years, and she still does not lose relevance. The game is created on motives of a series of books about the girl detective. One thing that came out of part 33, is already talking about the incredible popularity of the project. Here you will have to gather clues, interrogate suspects, search for clues and solve puzzles. However, all games tend to bore or gamers don't like to go twice, and then begins the search for new "toys".

Those who liked the passage, I want to know other games similar to "Nancy drew". This we devote this article.


In the list of games similar to "Nancy drew", Syberia takes pride of first place, according to gamers. Having arrived in Valadilenu is a town in the Alps, filled with amazing robotic machines, you will need to buy the old factory. But here's the thing... You find yourself at the funeral of women, to which, indeed, was to similar to Nancy drew

With this and begin the adventure full of mysteries and puzzles. All gamers agreed that the game is not annoying difficulties, and traversed with pleasure.

Black Mirror 3: Final Fear

After the mysterious death of Lord Gordon - the strange old man that was known for his eccentricities, his family have difficult times. Not all of them will be able to survive in the process of disclosure of secrets of their ancestors. The protagonist also learns the secrets of the old villages and hospitals for the mentally ill. Nothing in these pleasant secrets there, but the truth is, you need to similar to Nancy drew list


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Among the games in Russian, like "Nancy drew", that was able to win the gamers with its graphics, elaborate dialogues and videos, which turns the story into a kind of fascinating film. Puzzle, for reviews, are not particularly difficult, but because during the game you can just relax after work.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

If you are looking for games similar to "Nancy drew", Broken Sword: The Angel of Death can be an interesting option. In this "toy" developers have taken into account all the wishes of users, approaching the work with full responsibility. Special attention was given to the sparkling dialogue and created characters. After escaping from prison, the main character is waiting for an important investigation. In terms of objectives and overall passing - all in the style of games similar to "Nancy drew". But his sense of humor, the game definitely impresses. Just for jokes and behavior of the protagonist is to spend the time for completion of the similar to the game of Nancy drew

Gray Matter

This game is similar to "Nancy drew", was considered the most anticipated, because her appearance predicted more than seven years. Main character - David Stiles, a former University Professor, a neuroscientist, trapped in a car accident that killed his wife. He now wears a mask that covers part of the face. For several years he leads the life of a hermit at his residence, where he puts various experiments. This lasted until until it has not got a travelling student. She agrees to help a scientist in his amazing experiment. But, this can prevent the Ghost of the deceased wife of the man who lived in the similar to Nancy drew in Russian

The Game is filled with interesting and simple task. The plot pleases throughout history. The nice thing is the ability to play two characters at a time - the scientist and his assistant.

Alpha Polaris

You can get pleasure from this game, if not afraid to fight an ancient evil in the far North. Oil station is going through hard times. Among its staff of only four people, dull life which ended when they managed to find an oil field with the strange drawings on the cave walls. This moment awakens an ancient evil that haunts people's nightmares, making them want to kill each other. The main character must deal with danger in this mystical Thriller.

"vampire. Welcome to Hell Lock"

Because of the explosion in a coal mine, the residents of a small town had to leave their homes. However, in addition to the official version, there are other, talking about the flight of the townspeople, fearing a disembodied shadows that escaped from the dungeons. The main character gets here by accident, but to escape, he is forced to explore all the abandoned houses. And if you're not afraid to go down into those dungeons, then together with him to unravel the mystery.

Games about Sherlock Holmes

Considering the game is similar to "Nancy drew", not to mention the world's principal investigator. Series of quests Sherlock Holmes is diverse and has more than one story. Game about this character are worthy representatives of the genre. If you love detective Sherlock Holmes, able to solve puzzles and are interested in unraveling mysteries, then this story is for you.Nancy drew similar games

Along with the legendary detective, you will:

  • Find the Professor who disappeared during an expedition in Egypt;
  • To solve the murder of the owner of the estate, which you wanted to visit with Dr. Watson;
  • Learn the secret of the disappearance of people that are not connected to each other;
  • Pass the confrontation of Holmes with Jack the Ripper;
  • To restore the good name, becoming the Prime suspect in the Commission of a crime.

But that's not all the adventures of the beloved detective. By the way, the game will have the opportunity to visit and in the role of Watson.

"Black oasis"

The Main character awakens in the morgue among the many corpses. Around the chaos. Isn't that frightening beginning? What happened? To know this can only end in the passing game.

You like to play "Nancy drew"? Similar games there are so many. Here you can definitely find something to your taste. We have reviewed only a small part of possible variants of exciting detective stories.


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