Ink for photo printing canon pixma ip2200 systems. how: the unity of quality and savings


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All owners of printers know that the selection of quality ink, often involves significant costs, but ensures long-lasting operation of printing devices. However, the market of dyes for photo printers there are products that successfully combine quality and a reasonable price. We will talk about such ink.

Feature water-soluble ink is that they do not contain large solid particles. Their basis – ordinary water, and the colour pigments are so small that as the primary colorant fluid. Ink for canon pixma ip2200 systems. how include this type photochannel, and is therefore able to provide the best quality prints.

Due to the extremely fine texture themselves ink, while printing is a reprint of the slightest color nuances and transitions. That just ink successfully solve water-soluble, so printing photos is bright, lively, full-color. No rough patches, transitions, streaks on the printed image you will not see – all the color accents will be placed as it should be, and the transition between the shades it will be impossible to see, even if you will look at photos through a magnifying glass.

In the base set of these inks four colors: Magenta, yellow, black, blue. They are universal, are used to fill in the refillable cartridges and systems npch (continuous feed). When working with the latter significantly reduce the time for refueling, so it is recommended to use a CISS if you want high-speed printing of a large number of images.

Ink systems. how for printer and MFP canon pixma ip2200 created at the original plant located in South Korea. Production technology as the product itself, has all the confirmation of compliance with the international quality standards. Perfect match for high-tech formula and ink characteristics of the printer ensures a long service. In addition, the particular composition of the mixture allows to count on the fact that the printer head is not damaged, even if more than 3 months not to use a printer loaded with ink.

The Relatively low cost of the considered ink makes them relevant to those who use the printer not only for printing, but for everyday or business use – printing of documents, spreadsheets, etc. with regard to the durability and resistance of printed images, with this feature all right. Dry ink on the surface of the picture quickly, not lubricated, not melt.

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