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In recent years, high popularity have a variety of social networks and other Internet resources. In this article we will discuss one of the most popular questions about how to "Instagram" to add a photo from your computer.

Instagram App

how to add instagram photo with computer in life there Are such moments that I want to share with the whole world. This can be a friendly party, important family event, another photo of a pet or just a morning Cup of coffee. It is important that we each shot is something special. Over the past few years virtual mobile app Instagram gathered more than 200 million users, wishing to share your virtual world with others. From the community of photographers, it has now become a means of virtual communication. In order to answer the question on how to "Instagram" to add photos from a computer including first look at what is this app, how to install it, how to create it.

Virtual world

One of the distinguishing features of Instagram is that the pictures are in non-standard square shape as frames instant photos Polaroid. The undoubted advantage of the service – an extensive collection of filters to create the effect of professional treatment. "Instagram" will help to share the image with friends via other social network and will be able to track important events in the lives of friends, interesting people or celebrities. This is a huge world of new ideas, experiences and travel. You just go on the hashtag of interest.


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Download Instagram

how to add photos to instagramIf you are a owner of iPhone, iPad, iPod free download the app from the App Store. The download process is "Instagram" for Android is almost indistinguishable, only downloaded through Play Market (need to find Instagram in the search and click the "Download" button). For the operating system Windows Phone designed app-Instance and 6tag, which is also available for download in the app store (6tag is free). Very simple and convenient program for installation on a computer with Windows that allows you to save your favorite photos is Instagrille.

Login to Instagram

After we get the app on your device, you need to register. This process is not particularly complicated and the same for Android and for iOS. You only need to fill in all required fields: email, username, password, install avatar. You can also use your account from the social network, and then click the "finish" button. Useful profile setup where you can specify the required personal information and add Facebook or Twitter accounts that will make it easier to find friends and new subscribers, as the program will display existing accounts.

To register with the computer, you will need to install the program BlueStacks. A little more about the interface, then we will achieve close to how to add a photo in "Instagram".


The App contains 5 tabs. The main screen displays a news feed of photos posted by you and your subscribers. Here you can click "Like" if you want to put a like or leave a comment in the appropriate box. There is another button that will allow you to complain to, retweet, or copy a link to the photo. In the "to See" can be found Instagram users and photos by hashtag, and view the most popular apps.

"Camera" allows you to make photos and videos or publish them from the device memory. In the news you can view likes and comments to your photos, and also Likes that put friends. The profile indicates the information declared at registration, private pictures, account settings, followers and users followed you and your photocard.

Instagram Photos

how to add a hashtag in instagramAs in "Instagram" to add videos and photos from your mobile device? The process of creating a photo or video in Instagram is not difficult. Interface the Camera can be made as the new momentary (press blue button), and send one of the already existing, kadriroval it in the form of a square. To do this, select the desired area and press Crop. In the same way you can make a video (the icon located to the right of the blue button) or open an existing one.

As in "Instagram" to add a photo from your computer? As mentioned above, this would require additional install the application BlueStacks. To add a photo from your computer, you need to install BlueStacks file Manager "ES file Explorer", and then go to the directory "bstfolder", which is located in local storage (sdcard). Then in the folder "BstSharedFolder" drag the desired photo and select "Access via LAN". After the download is finished, you must be logged in "Instagram" and click on the camera icon, then click "Gallery", choose "ES file Explorer" and the path to the desired picture. Continue to hold the same manipulations as with the phone and send the picture. Here's how to add a photo in "Instagram" without losing much time.

how to add a picture in instagramIt is Very important to choose the topic for pictures and to find my niche in this huge photosite. You can create a beautiful and memorable album, fill it with life events and daily pictures of his beloved cat, and to tell you about his history. Perhaps you like pictures of funny signs on the fence? If you define your style, its direction, it will be easier to find new friends with similar interests.

Hashtags in Instagram

Set the tags is probably the most simple and effective way to fill the rating and earn likes for your photos. How to add a hashtag "Instagram"? The hashtag starts with the # sign without space, and it is, in fact, the description of the photo, which makes it available for search. But mostly the tags are used for immediate attracting attention and, consequently, to search for new followers. There is a top hashtags that have marked a lot of photos, and they, in turn, viewed by thousands of people (#follow #followforfollow #like4like #happy #love). Photos marked with a popular tag, has a great chance to get to the list of snapshots of the day and get a lot of new fans, followers and likes.


how to add a friend in instagram, many are concerned about how to add friend in "Instagram". For Instagram characteristic of the concept of "following" (eng. the word "follow" – "follow"), which means the observation of events of other users and, as a rule, mutual response to the subscription, comments or likes. To follow of interest to the user, you need to go to his profile and subscribe, and then update it will be posted in your news. With regard to mutual the following, like in Instagram – the official currency. The most common way to earn more subscribers – more and more often to see updated photos and liking your favorite. Especially should pay attention to the records popular tags: #10likes #follow #follow2follow.

The Best strategy – write clear simple words of admiration ("beautiful!" or "amazing photo!") or to install the program with emoticons emojii if you're using iPhone.

Make Sure you have a public profile. To do this, go to the section "Security" and put a "Private photo" mode to "Off". This is to ensure that your photos were able to see all users "Instagram". Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook and Vkontakte, it will be a good start to find your friends and earn popularity.

Applications to work with Instagram

how to add instagram videosCannot ignore the fact that for more vivid and memorable work with Instagram created a lot of applications. For example, Gramgrab and Instagram Downloader provide an opportunity to transfer photos on computer, Copygram-Instagram alternative app that contains a standard set of filters that are viewing the profile of your friends and the ability to save photos to your computer. Instac.At allows you to search photos by tags or keywords. With Printstagram, you can print your own Instagram photos, combining them into beautiful mini albums, posters and stickers. Statistics, highlights, downloads and communities of users can be estimated using Statigram.

Thanks to all these wonderful bonuses social network Instagram is becoming more popular.

I Hope that this article helped you to understand how to "Instagram" to add a photo from your computer and any mobile device. With the video, too, should not be a problem.


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