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Today we look at the cheats on Half Life 2. We are talking about a game that is a sci-Fi shooter. The developer of this project were made by the company Valve Corporation.

Main cheats codes for Half Life 2

cheats for half life 2To Enter the selected combination should be in a special console, which will appear, if we use the key [~]. Sometimes you must use the game settings. There you can activate the possibility to use the console, if it is not enabled initially.

Before you apply cheats to the game Half Life 2, enter the command sv_cheats 1. Next, select one of the following combinations. Discover their supernatural abilities will help code god. To make our hero immortal, enter a combination of buddha. Fail code helps impulse 82. Cheat on Half Life 2 weapons is as follows - impulse 101. Code - physcannon_tracelength # allows you to change the maximum distance at which it is able to attract objects, the gravity gun. We can walk through walls if you use a combination of noclip. Distance lifting things into the air with the gravity gun is also easy to adjust with Chita physcannon_cone #.

For the friction level meets the code sv_friction #. To change the force push objects with the gravity gun, entered physcannon_maxforce #. Per level gravity meets code sv_gravity #. To change the speed of the pull items with the gravity gun introduced physcannon_pullforce #. The energy to run we can easily make infinite if specify code sv_infinite_aux_power 1. To choose the maximum speed of objects, use sv_maxvelocity #. If necessary, you can choose the size of the weapon by using the code viewmodel_fov #.


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To adjust the indices of destructive power "Magnum" use a combination of sk_plr_dmg_357 #. This trick is relevant for the rest of the weapons. However, instead of "357" use appropriate names: smg1 (submachine gun), smg1_grenade (underbarrel grenade launcher), buckshot (shotgun), rpg_round (rocket launcher), ar2, pistol, grenade, crossbow (crossbow).

To disable the shadows, enter the code mat_fullbright 1. If you change the index to 0, they will arise again. To set the time, during which will be shown video and sound effects of explosions, allows the combination dsp_explosion_effect_duration #. If necessary, aim the camera at the unwanted object and deleting it, putting Impulse 203. For the startup script file is responsible exec code #, in place of the last character specify the appropriate name.

Get a list of maps will help us blend - maps displays. Easy to play and of 3 persons, it is sufficient to specify thirdperson. To make adjustments to the size limit of things that can attract the gravity gun, allows code physcannon_maxmass #. To display the description of a particular command, use a combination of help $.


cheat on half life 2 weaponsThe following cheats for Half Life 2 will help to protect yourself and allies. First of all enter the code give weapon_***, then in place of the asterisks indicate the combination relating to the necessary armament. To teach the revolver allows room 357. To become an owner of weapons, as Alix entered alyxgun. The pulse rifle you can obtain by typing the code ar2. For the crossbow meets the combination of crossbow. Become the owner of the scrap allows a combination of a crowbar. We can become holders rocket launcher with rpg code. Arm the shotgun shotgun will help. The machine will be in our hands, if you enter smg1. Under us there is the club when you use code stunstick. It adds 7 pieces of armor. For grenades meets two code – grenade and frag.


cheats codes for half life 2Now let's consider the cheats for Half Life 2 that will not allow the gun to be empty. First of all, enter give item_*** and in place of the asterisks - the appropriate code. To shotgun ammo allows the combination box_buckshot. We can give you energy suit with suit. To charge the machine, enter box_mrounds. For batteries to suit team battery. Charge sniper rifle allows code box_sniper_rounds. To get the big first aid kit, introduced healthkit. To fill cartridges gun allows the combination box_srounds. A small first aid kit will be our, if you specify healthvial. To charge a rocket launcher, entered ml_grenade. Grenades for pulse of the machine enables you to combination ar2_grenade.


cheats for the game half life 2To invoke a certain character, enter the code npc_create npc_***. The asterisks indicate one of the following combinations. To invite the rebel citizen input. Gregory will appear with us, if you write monk. To encourage the fish specified code ichthyosaur. For a dove meets a combination of pigeon. There are in-game and other birds, for example, swallow will be there, if you use the combination of the seagull. For crow crow meets code. If necessary, some of the characters can equip. For this next to the code they call, specify the name of the corresponding equipment. Here we covered the basic cheats in Half Life 2, and also described the rules for their use.

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