What kind of update KB3035583? How to remove message "to Windows 10"?


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Now we have to find out what the update KB3035583. Users are very often faced with this "surprise" in their operating systems. And then you have to think about removing it. Only you can do it only on a certain algorithm. Let's try to understand what we have to deal with.what's the update kb3035583

What this is

Upgrade to Windows 10 (KB3035583) is, you guessed it, a special file, which prompts the user to upgrade to "Windows 10". For anybody not a secret that this operating system is still not quite finalized. And so often refuse to offer possibilities.

In principle, you can not do this. Then one day the computer will update the system. And you will have to get used to it. But if you don't want to use Windows 10, then get rid of the ill-fated file will have.

Well, delete the update KB3035583 - and you get its operating system without persistent offers to upgrade to version 10 "Windows". To do this, simply go to "control Panel", there you will visit service "Programs and features". Now click on "Installed updates (View installed updates"). Then find there KB3035583, highlight the label and click Delete. A few seconds of waiting - and it's done.upgrade to windows 10 kb3035583

To hide the message "Get Windows 10?" you need to click in the system tray on the "Configure...", then the GWX parameter to assign the value "Hide". Save the changes and restart the computer. That's it, now you can not worry about KB3035583.

However, it is better to switch off the "Windows update" automatic verification and installation. This is done in the settings. Choose and save the changes with the option "Never to check and install the updates." After that, you can be sure KB3035583 will never bother you again. Except that you can not decide to install "Windows 10". Nothing difficult about it.

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