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To Create a car that can cope with off-road task with perfect behavior on the track, this how to design evening shoes, in which it is convenient to go fishing. By the way, our ancestors once successfully solved this problem by inventing galoshes, and we have successfully “abandoned” is a successful invention.

The Current car manufacturers, creating a streamlined crossover that connects the actuators and locking differentials on the roads, go towards the parade and the weekend cars. And it turns out well not at all, especially when speed and economical fuel consumption of the vehicle by default, are anticipated among fans of the brand. Such a situation was a Volkswagen, and so they undertook the solution of problems together with the partners of the company Porsche.

The VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne created a common platform where representatives of Volkswagen were responsible for the principles and design of all-wheel drive transmissio, and Porsche-for suspension, stability and handling. Overall volkswagenaudi development came out very successful, which is confirmed by numerous successful performances in competitions and great reviews from owners all over the world and Russians in particular.

Touareg reviews

When considering the reasons for the choice of the VW Touareg, reviews owners set it apart from its price range a very good ratio "quality/price". Questions of prestige or tradition of buying cars of a certain brand in the choice of the unit played a minimal role.

As for the quality of the engines from the Touareg, owner reviews say they are quite acceptable dynamic performance and excellent tegometall. This is especially the place in off-road conditions.

VW Touareg owners

With regard to patency, quality of transmission and suspension Touareg, reviews would be more numerous, if often used. But, judging by the responses, simplifying off-road properties of the base model of the new unit – course it is justified not only from a marketing point of view.


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In relation to interior Touareg reviews the most numerous. Know about it all, so the responses of the owners are full of conflicting information. What pleases one, displeases and irritation in others, and thus can be safely excluded from consideration.

Very interesting topic electronic fault diagnosis VW Touareg. That, in theory, would make Troubleshooting a breeze from the Tuareg, the owners called the biggest problem of this car. And this problem – not in diagnostics, and the low level of training and the lack of engineering thinking in the majority of Russian employees folksvagenovskih service centers.

new Touareg reviews

Speaking of the Assembly as a whole, a special admiration and praise in the reviews is not observed. In this respect, the new Touareg, which is commendable, but modest. Provided the widespread recognition of the high quality of these cars, it says that the Tuaregs own people balanced, happy life and a car that no one and nothing need to convince.

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