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Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 is a motard with a small volume of the engine. Model is considered the most successful among their class. A close relative of road motorcycles Kawasaki and good for the urban environment, and off-road. Reliable and powerful, it will serve their owners for many years with proper care. On the characteristics of the bike, it's strengths and weaknesses will be mentioned in the article. Will also feature reviews of Kawasaki D-Tracker 250.

History motorcycle

The First model was released in 1998. Unlike many other motorcycles with a capacity of 250 cubic centimeters, "Kawasaki" release so far. The first version was focused on domestic use. Since 2003, the Japanese motorcycle production was moved to Thailand.

kawasaki d tracker 250

This model is a copy of a Kawasaki KLX 250, only with some changed details. Powerful road-going wheels, brakes and stiffer suspension has replaced the former. The fact that the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 belongs to the class of motordom – motorcycles, a cross between motocross and road bike. Motard considered an ideal vehicle for Russian cities, as they have the ease of cross and cross road bikes.

The First series Kawasaki D-Tracker came from the 1998-2007 years, had a 8-litre fuel tank and 30 HP. Improved version went on sale in 2008. She had replaced the carb and brake discs. But horsepower was reduced to 23. At the moment the model is available only in the Asian market, in Japan the release of the D-Tracker has stopped in 2016.


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kawasaki d tracker 250

Specifications Kawasaki D-Tracker 250

Kawasaki 250 Supermoto can leave a lot of pleasant experiences when riding on smooth asphalt or off-road. Engine with one cylinder provides good thrust at low rpm. The declared engine volume of 249 cubic centimeters gives the speed of 150 km/h. However, the quality indicator of the speedometer was hovering around 120-130 km/h.

17-inch wheels with heavy-duty brake discs to stop the bike in the shortest possible time. Smooth acceleration and steady speed control is provided by 24 horsepower. Narrow chassis allow you to drive in traffic jams between cars, not afraid to catch them. Suspension rear wheel with the progress 9.1 inches provides a perfectly flat course. Even speed bumps at high speed will almost not be felt, despite the low position of the seat.

features kawasaki d tracker 250

Liquid cooled motor protects it from overheating, so even in the heat you will be able to move on the roads without fear of breakage of the motorcycle. Six gears give room for maneuver, and they shifted very smoothly and easily. About the durability of the bike manufacturers also took care: its aluminum cylinder has a special coating that provides a tight connection of the piston with the cylinder. By this stratagem, engine life increases significantly.

For two on the motard, most likely, not enough space, but for one driver it will be very comfortable. For long trips over 300 kilometers Kawasaki D-Tracker is unlikely to fit, but that there are tourist motorcycles with high comfort.

“the D-Tracker” is the perfect first bike. For beginners it will be enough power that is hidden in the motard. Easy handling and excellent brakes allow you to make the first steps on doshkolenok way. In an urban environment he has no equal: he easily passes between machines and does not overheat in traffic.

kawasaki klx 250 d tracker

The pros and the motorcycle

Places “the D-Tracker” is not gaining speed of 100 km/h it Starts gradually, slowly, but keeps a smooth high speed movement. Dynamics of motard deserves some praise: every 250 CC motorcycle capable of such agility. Good suspension smooths out bumps in the road. At the speed of 130 km/h can easily jump over a speed bump without even noticing it. As in the pedigree of the bike is a motocross motorcycle, it can easily go dry soil and moderate terrain.

If we talk about repair, then it is simple: cheap parts can be found almost in every specialty shop. As this bike is becoming mostly beginners, and the plastic on it is the ordeal that he, by the way, dignity can withstand. Gasoline consumption is very economical, a tank is enough for about 120-130 km.


But the disadvantages of motard are also present. First of all, this small capacity motorcycle. Experienced drivers say that they lack speed acceleration. It reaches a maximum of 90 km/h for long trips. Motorcycle and can accelerate to 130 km/h, but only on very small sections of path. On the other hand, this is a very specific bike is designed for certain queries and not buying it for its intended purpose (e.g., for tourism or racing on the highway), it is foolish to demand from him the good work.

 kawasaki d tracker 250 technical data

Buying the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250, you need to remember that he's not a real motocross bike. It won't go in the mud, and bogged down in it. Another disadvantage is the transportation of only one driver. To put the passenger can be, but to go with him will be difficult. In “Kawasaki 250” the seat is not designed for two people, and the bike will go much slower.

Kawasaki klx 250 D Tracker will no doubt show itself from the best side, if you clearly imagine what you are purchasing and for what purpose. For beginners and fans of small cubic capacity it fit perfectly. Light, maneuverable, powerful two-wheeled transport will be a reliable means of transportation. If you want to travel at a speed of 130 and above, it will not work.

Price range

Price supported Kawasaki 250 ranges from 100-200 thousand rubles. The bike is in optimal condition you can buy for 150 thousand. If you buy a new model, it will cost about 330,000 rubles.

Major competitors

Kawasaki collaborated with the Suzuki brand, so the bikes these brands competitors are not. But Honda is the Kawasaki 250 D Tracker visible competition. Honda CRF 250L is the main rival in the market molekularnych motorcycles. Despite the fact that both of the bike comes from Japan, the differences are quite significant.

Enduro-motorcycle ‘Honda" is positioned as a means of transportation every day. Developed as opposed to the popular model D-Tracker 250, Honda CRF 250L has a very similar characteristics. The tank capacity is 7.7 litres, 1-cylinder engine with 4 valves and fuel-injected. But why do some motorcyclists think it is more powerful than the "Kawasaki"?

The thing in the engine that got the bike the "Honda" from the legendary line of sports CBR-motorcycles. The manufacturer has deportirovali it and reconfigured for better traction with the lower classes. That is why the reviews of motovational say that ‘Honda» more powerful and manageable. But appearance is much better to have Kawasaki D-Tracker 250. He's a real city slicker. Bright colors and robust appearance make it your own on the streets of metropolis.

kawasaki d tracker 250 reviews

Spare Parts

Before you purchase any motorcycle drivers are wondering: is it difficult to find spare parts? This problem is very important because many bikes are imported from abroad, so details on them are hard to find in Russia. How do things stand with the model D-Tracker 250 Kawasaki brand?

Spare Parts for this bike can be easily found in almost any city of Russia, especially large ones. If for some reason you need details were not in the service, you can order it from Asia or America. But the most common breakage parts.

Kawasaki D-Tracker 250: feedback

How to say about the bike its owners? Reviews on Kawasaki 250 can only be found positive. It is called a great city bike for beginners. It is easy in management, maneuverable, so will be a great start for novice motorcyclists. A excellent braking system that stops the bike even at high speed, will save you from collisions and accidents.

The owner Reviews of Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 also confirm that the bike a good ride: it is easy going on the road. And if you rearrange the standard wheel on the wide motocross, motard may be able to overcome difficult terrain.

kawasaki d tracker 250 owner reviews

Cons owners say the power, which is no longer enough in the second year, and a small acceleration of the motorcycle. Comfortable ride possible at speeds up to 80 km/h On the highway to go to the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 is almost impossible because of the wind, which blows the bike to the side. At speeds above 100 km/h it becomes very unstable.


Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 is a great bike, if you clearly know why to buy it. Beginners and Amateurs e...

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