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The Headrests in the car – is a special equipment which is mounted on the upper end of the seat back. They appeared in the performance in which we are used to see them not so long ago. Now almost all cars are equipped with such products, which is extremely positive effect on the number of injuries during the accident. Below I will tell about the peculiarities of such devices, their properties and key parameters for a correct choice.

Historical background

In 1970, the idea to create a special headrest in the car. It was necessary for many reasons, but in the first place was the safety of the driver. Even now, there is no consensus about how such tools should look like, what form to take, what materials to be manufactured and so on. First attempts to create something similar was not too successful. About the rear headrests then you have not even thought, focusing at least on the device for the driver. The initial samples was quite uncomfortable and small. As a result, they have not improved, only worsened the situation. The process went faster when the development initiated a well-known company Mercedes. Already by 1990, there were more or less successful designs that have been actively spreading. Since the headrests are constantly improving and moderniziriruyutsya by getting new features and helper functions.

headrest in car


Security – the main thing that guided the developers. The headrests in the car should have prevented a situation where people could get a neck injury because of the severe rear impact. A little later they began to perform the function of comfort, reducing the load on the spine during long journeys. Only recently has it begun to appear models that integrate televisions, a variety of fasteners and other devices that facilitate the journey, not only the driver but also the passengers sitting at the back. Among the available options especially popular are the holders for the tablet on the headrest. This electronic device there are many people, and it is, in essence, is quite versatile. To play, to read, to use as a TV, just search for information online, and more.


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tablet holder for headrest

Construction Types

Front headrests (they basically have a lot of modifications) are divided into two groups:

  • Rental. These models are not embedded in the chair immediately, and can be installed and removed separately. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to replace one device to other at no additional cost. In addition, they can be quite easy to adjust and to attach numerous additional functions, the same type of tablet holder for headrest. At the same time, from the point of view of reliability, that is, the main function of such a device, they lose heavily integrated models.
  • Stationary. these devices directly built into the chair, still in the factory. That is why they are often called integrated. As opposed to removable, they have only the functionality that was provided by the developer, and it is sometimes not enough. But the fixed head restraints are often active. That is, independently react to possible danger, with a greater likelihood of protecting the driver from injury.

cushion car

Passive and active systems

Car pillow headrest, from the point of view of reliability, there are two categories:

  • Passive. This option is rigidly fixed in one position. It may change the height, angle, or other parameters, but only personally by the driver or another person. But in the event of an accident, the headrest will remain in the same place where it was fixed. As a result, if you set it wrong, you can of injury to earn, in spite of the actual availability of protection.
  • Active system is dramatically different from the passive. First and foremost, its price and features. Yes, it is much more expensive, but protects much better. The simplest version is when you hit move to the side of the head driver, thereby reducing the force of impact. But more expensive options are equipped with independent sensors in the rear hemisphere of the vehicle, which monitor the situation. If they decide that the car is too close to any object (they don't usually have the opportunity to share potential barriers according to their type), then immediately give the command to the headrests. They begin to move towards the driver, automatically reducing the power potential of the shot. If the threat has passed, the device will return to the specified to it earlier.

rear headrests

Other features

The Car pillow headrest is purchased once and permanently. Because it should be to choose very carefully. First and foremost, you need to consider the size of the product. It may not be less than 30 inches, otherwise the functionality of the model leave much to be desired. Also among the fillers more attention should be paid to the artificial options. They last longer “live” and save the form. For example, hollofayber. In addition, such options are unlikely to cause allergies or become its cause. And, of course, fire safety: man-made materials are very poorly lit and do not absorb moisture. Not last role is played by the outer covering of the headrest. The fabric should be fairly thick and pleasant to the touch. Great options:

  • PU leather.
  • Velour.
  • Suede leather.
  • Flock.

And finally, what also requires attention – weight of the product. Too light headrests usually are married or just poor-quality products. Must not be empty corners, quality product - tight and filled to capacity. At the same time, too heavy fixture, especially if it is removable, it can be awkward to install. In any case, to focus on quality, able to fully carry out its functions in all conditions.

front headrests


The Headrest in the car just need. Even experienced drivers with a great experience are not immune from accidents. It is much better to anticipate the possibility of receiving unwanted injuries than in the future to spend big money on treatment. In addition, it is comfortable, convenient, interesting and beautiful.


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