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Everyone knows the Yamaha logo is considered a mark of quality that is trusted worldwide. However, this Japanese company is known not only by musical instruments. Yamaha as a manufacturer of quality products were able to succeed in the field of production motorcycles.

In the early 70-ies of the previous century with a pipeline of this company began to go lightweight scooters and mopeds. They are produced to this day.

A more or less simple and modern models of scooters from well-known and well-reputed manufacturer Yamaha is considered to be the most popular modification Yamaha Mint, as it is fairly compact and affordable model of urban transportation.

yamaha mint

This baby is quite quick and maneuverable. Particularly well these qualities manifest themselves in the big city, when for automotive counterparts, there is a chronic lack of Parking space and regular traffic jams for hours.

Yamaha mint

It Should also be noted that the scooter "Yamaha mint" stands out among similar models such features as smooth running and low noise when running on full power the engine, and good handling stability on rough roads and on sharp turns.

It is lightweight and very cute design perfectly with comfortable control that is able to attract the attention of the female half of humanity.

Yamaha Mint also known as the best modification for novice riders who do not need to exceed the speed limit in the city.

Another powerful proof in favor of buying this scooter – its small size and modest weight. If there is no own garage, it without difficulty can be stored in the apartment.

He just goes on the back wheel in a small freight Elevator and placed there in an upright position for as long as the Elevator does not reach the desired floor.

scooter Yamaha mint

Also scooter Yamaha Mint very simply placed in the trunk of an average car, so it can without difficulty be transported to the place of countryside, if you intend to go there as a family.

This model is also suitable for people who prefer to observe the rule “easy does it – on going" because in his character there is no aggression and irresistible power, like the other scooters from the same manufacturer - Yamaha Jog.


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Yamaha Mint equipped with drum brakes and ground clearance of 10.8 inches, which, as they say, is a huge plus when using this transport on country roads.

Thanks to the telescopic front and rear suspensions, Mint becomes extremely easy and pliable, especially in management, and also provides the ability to exactly pass the turns without worrying about maneuverability.

If you want to purchase simple to operate, light and small scooter that will last you a very long and true, then go ahead and purchase a minibike Yamaha, with it, you will never regret about your choice.

The Scooter "Yamaha mint" is the best choice for those who are looking for the best combination of price, power, and convenience.

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