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Chevrolet Spark – small, compact, small car for urban travel. Produced since 1998 and till today in many countries of the world. Despite its size and class, has quite good technical characteristics and an attractive design. It is also possible to add low fuel consumption, cheap maintenance and low cost, due to which Spark and gained its popularity.

History of car

It is worth to say that the Chevrolet Spark – is one of the secondary names of car Daewoo Matiz first generation. Yes, strange as it may sound, but your story takes it from Spark Matiz. No difference, except the names of these machines, there is: design, interior, engines and so on – all completely the same. Spark the first generation in the body M100/150 was produced from 1998 to 2005 and even managed to survive one facelift, which was mostly focused on appearance.

From 2005 to 2009 (and in some countries to this day) began to produce the second generation (M200/250) “Sparrow”. In fact, it was still the same Daewoo Matiz second generation, only under a different name. Unlike the previous model, the new significantly changed appearance, which became more attractive. Also the overhaul of the cabin, the chassis and some engines. No major changes have occurred.

Overall, new car sales were strong and managed to gain a foothold in the European market with a very good reputation.

chevrolet spark General view

Since 2009, at one of the dealers was the presentation of the third generation Chevrolet Spark (M300), which was based on the concept 2007 Chevrolet Beat. The car has radically changed in appearance. He became a little bit bigger and more modern in appearance. Was the updated engines, suspension, interior and much more. In General, the car has received many positive reviews, which allowed him to develop further. By the way, the third generation Chevrolet Spark is the third generation of the Daewoo Matiz, which is officially in Russia is not sold.

In 2015 in new York hosted a presentation of already 4th generation of the Spark. The car is equipped with many interesting new features, including the Android operating system. In Russia, unfortunately, is that this model is not for sale, since GM stopped deliveries of its cars in our country.


Externally, the Chevrolet Spark third generation looks quite attractive. Small size, neat shape, clearly highlighted face – all this together gives a slightly sporty accent to the car.


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If you look at the front of the car, then you can immediately notice the large “predator” lights. Between them is the grille, which is also divided into two parts stripe from bumper with the logo of the manufacturer. Also the edges of the grille highlighted in chrome inserts, which certainly adds a little style to the car. At the bottom of the front bumper you can notice the large air intake in the middle and “niche” with fog lights at the edges.

chevrolet spark front view

Rear, you will notice a relatively small trunk lid. On top of it is a small spoiler. Also worth noting is the rear led lights – they are large and the shape is repeated in virtually headlights. The rear bumper does not particularly stands out, except that the exhaust pipe and number of clear faces.

On the roof of the car are roof rails and antenna. Interesting point with the doors. On the front of the handle located in a standard location, but on the back they are not visible. It may seem that they are not, but it's not. Rear door handles located in the upper part, next to the glass.


chevrolet spark 2013 release

Now it is necessary to tell about features of the Chevrolet Spark. Of most interest here are only 3 parts: the engine, gearbox and suspension. Let's consider each of these parameters separately.


The Choice of engines for this model are not particularly large, but if to be more precise, the paltry. All buyers a choice was available as a model with liter and 1.2 liter engines.

Chevrolet Spark 1 litre engine, had a capacity of 67 HP and accelerates to 100 km/h in 17,5 seconds. The maximum speed was 143 km/h By construction type – this is a normal, 4-cylinder in-line engine with a transverse layout.

chevrolet spark rear view

The Second engine is 1.2 liter had a capacity of 84 HP, allowing the car to accelerate to hundreds of 12.1 sec. The maximum speed was limited to a mark of 164 km/h Type of structure is absolutely the same as the previous unit.

Regarding consumption. Liter in city mode consumes about 8-8,5 liters and 5 on the highway. Motor 1.2 l these figures are a little smaller: 6.5 liters in the city and 4.0–and 4.2 on the highway.


Now about the transmission. Only “Sparky” has established two types of transmission – mechanics and machine. In the 4th generation also added “robot”, but the car we have is not for sale, as mentioned earlier. Manual transmission has 5 speeds, while the machine 4.

chevrolet spark interior

Of the problems can point to only one – over time, the mechanics 1-2 the transmission begins is a little hard to switch, even with “crunch”. Treated quite simply. First, we need to change the oil, it is desirable to ensure that it is thinner (you can take oil for automatic transmission). Second – should definitely adjust the cable.


Well, completing the study of the technical characteristics of Chevrolet Spark, it is necessary to say a few words about the suspension and chassis. In principle it's all very simple. Front is independent suspension with McPherson struts. Back – semi-independent torsion beam.

According to the dynamics of the problems have no car: all maneuvers, especially during rush hour, is easy to implement. Holes and bumps in “swallow”, the shock absorbers work very well. Durability – every 40-45 thousand km need to change the rack and every 65 thousand km of the shock absorbers.


Responses about this model in most cases positive. Owners say the small dimensions of the machine, good visibility, maneuverability, comfort in the cabin, etc. However, the cons are still there. The first drawback Chevrolet Spark – repair parts. Despite the fact that most of the ammo here comes from the Matiz for some details you will have to pay well, especially considering the repairs. Minus the second – small engine power. Owners say that on the road and especially when driving uphill the engine has to be very difficult. The third disadvantage – small amount of Luggage. For example, a baby carriage in the folded state to put in the trunk will fail.

chevrolet spark side view

Also the little things can be noted not too high ground clearance, causing a risk to catch a bumper curb, and high fuel consumption for small cars.


As for the cost, it is a new car to find in showrooms is quite problematic, but still possible. The minimum cost would be in the region of 350 - 400 thousand rubles.

In the secondary market is much easier. Cars for sale, is a lot. The average price also not much different – 340-380 thousand rubles for 2011-2013 model year.

In addition, there is a sale, and models of the second generation, 2005-2009 model year. They are therefore cheaper. The average price varies from 190 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. Of course, you can find options even cheaper, but most likely, they will require too much investment.

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